The cryptosphere is a fiercely competitive sector, with companies from all walks of life competing to drive block and cryptocurrency adoption forward in their own unique ways, using innovative ideas and development talents.The blockchain and cryptocurrency markets are quickly expanding, and as a result of the pandemic’s social isolation and lockdown rules, individuals are restricted to using digital media for amusement, such as movies, communication, and, most notably, gaming.

But what if gaming provides not just amusement but also a source of passive income? The gaming industry has gotten a lot of attention recently, and it appears to be the gateway to global blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. More and more leading companies are beginning to jump on the trend and get their fan bases on board. However, the driving force would be incentivizing and providing passive income in some cases while providing leisure. Gaming is expected to be the first significant use case for blockchain, according to experts, reshaping the industry and making games more immersive than ever before.Gaming is expected to be the first significant use case for blockchain, according to experts, reshaping the industry and making games more immersive than ever before. The way gaming overcomes the remaining roadblocks will serve as a model for other businesses considering widespread blockchain implementation.

Gaming is one of the most prominent industries in the cryptoverse.

So this article is about a coin that is designed not only for amusement but also to drive more adoption by incentivizing users.

What is Alpha Kombat?

Alpha Kombat is a global blockchain tournament game featuring NFTs awards, as well as a platform designed to encourage leisure while also providing passive revenue through a variety of token and platform utilities.

The goal of Alpha Kombat is to honour blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption pioneers and leaders by celebrating, appreciating, and recognising them.

The NTS awarded during competitions will be named after blockchain and cryptocurrency legends such as Satoshi Nakamoto. Vitalk Buterin, as well as a slew of other well-known and up-and-coming artists. The initiative is designed to honour and recognise famous figures such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, and Elon Musk, who have made significant contributions to the development of cryptocurrency.

Why Alpha Kombat?

● Driven by the Power of Great Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Icons and existing Games
● Global competitions to earn ALKOM and NFTs.
● Stake, and Collateralize All Gaming Platform Assets.

Alpha Kombat is a solution to many problems which the gaming cryptoverse is facing now!

● Lack Of User Incentives

The gaming ecosystem is full of fantastic products that everyone can play for free, thanks to the increased popularity of excellent free-to-play titles. The idea that any user would be willing to learn about blockchain, set up a wallet, and buy cryptocurrency before even playing a game is ridiculous. In order to entice players to join a new platform, great incentives are required that make the gamer feel like he is being properly compensated for his time spent. The initiative accomplishes this by purchasing NFTS from game winners, making the NFTs valuable immediately after minting.


The potential for expansion is huge, with less than 10 billion dollars currently locked in Defi markets and the traditional gaming sector making over 150 billion dollars annually. The existing DeFi and NFT modes, on the other hand, are unable to withstand much more than the current load. and new solutions must be explored in order to give a user-friendly platform from which they may benefit. Private and institutional investors have recently made announcements that have drawn the attention of the corporate world to the cryptocurrency field, and it is not for the sake of amusement. With the average platform collecting between 10% and 30% of all gross income, the majority of developers’ profitability can be severely harmed.


The strength of the indie game scene continues to rise. A game platform that allows developers to simply distribute their games with the least amount of effort and without charging exorbitant costs is desperately needed. The main goal of establishing the platform is to successfully attract developers and provide them with the resources they need to implement their own game chain and, in turn, motivate their customers. Binance Smart Chain was chosen to address the issue of excessive fees, and we expect to construct and launch aur native chain soon.


Driven by the Power of Great Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Icons, as well as existing Games, ALKOM and NFTS Stake will be earned, and all gaming platform assets will be collateralized. While many people are aware of Non-Fungible Tokens’ potential, they have yet to fully disrupt the Ethereum network. Due to high gas prices and a few technical restrictions, they are unable to fulfil their full potential. The first step toward making NFTS a truly essential part of the DeFi economy is to ensure that they can generate income for their holders and be converted or sold at market value. The product is launched with the competitiveness of the market in mind.The product is being released with market competition in mind, while also providing entertainment, passive income, and relaxation. As the project prepares to launch, Alpha Kombat aims to achieve all of these goals on the Binance Smart Chain. The goal is to build the blockchain in order to further incentivize and expand the scope of the development and reward system.


The amazing Ecosystem has following features :
● Dual player gaming console — two players can compete from different locations.
● Betting platform: Other users can bet on ongoing games they find on the platform.
● Staking and LP mining.
● NFT minting with a pegged market value.
● Gaming merchandise e-commerce platform.
● Developer console and publishing platform.




● ALKOM will be used for fees and commissions on the platform.
● ALKOM will be used to purchase armthes, health, points, unlock new characters, NFTs and ALKOM token tournaments.
● Winners will (in 3rd place structure) win $3k, $2k & $1k worth of tokens.
● Betting on games on the platform and playing certain levels of competitions for higher rewards will require buying of tokens to unlock those features.
● ALKOM will be used as fees and commissions on the platform.
● ALKOM will be used to purchase armor, health, points, unlock new characters, and more professional experience on the platform.
● NFTs will be pegged at $1000 — $2000 worth of ALKOM tokens.
● Game winner wins one NFT that can be sold for ALKOM tokens.


Total supply — 1,000,000,000
Rewards/Ecosystem — 130,000,000 (13%) — monthly unlock 10%
Treasury — 175,750,000 (18%) vesting for 6months
Public Sales — 350,000,000 (35%) 20% unlock on launch, 20% every week
Marketing — 150,000,000 (15%) — 15% Unlocked monthly
Team reserve — 40,000,000 (4%) Locked for 6months
Liquidity — 89,250,000 (9%)
Legal — 10,000,000 (1%) vested for 3months
Development — 50,000,000 (5%) monthly unlock 10%


● Launch Of Project Website
● Release Of Project Whitepaper
● Launch Of Social Media Platforms
● Smart Contracts Creation and Minting of ALKOM Tokens
● Development Of Beta Gaming Platform and Release Of Characters.
● IDO Launch, Token Distribution and Exchange Listing
● Google Play and IOS AppStore
● Media Partnership
● PlayStation and Xbox Version Launch


The smartphone gaming business is rapidly expanding, offering investors, mobile developers, and publishers a cost-effective opportunity. The goal of this project is to collaborate with projects that have a solid history and significant user communities in a market that is favourable to the target market. The project is beneficial to both gamers and those who like leisure time..

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