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Amanpuri Exchange

Amanpuri Exchange is an ecosystem which offers the users with its unique and assured protection of their digital assets in their platform and also provides spot transactions. This exchange is a licensed exchange and based in the Republic of Malta. It offers up To 100x leverage transaction system and provides highest reliability, security to the users which makes this project more desirable. Through this exchange, the users can exchange the Cryptocurrencies and the Fiat currencies. This project which has a highly experienced financial experts team aims to collaborate with top custodians for the safety operations of the platform thereby providing user satisfaction.

Amanpuri Exchange = BitMEX x Binance x Asset Protection

The Amanpuri Exchange is primarily based on block chain technology and developed under Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). When it’s counterparts and industry competitors like BitMEX and Binance, provides less referral bonus and an average customer support service, this exchange analyses and takes advantage of that and provides superior customer support service and up to 40% referral bonus. Although BitMEX and Binance have highest market volume transactions, this new and unique Amanpuri Exchange is already creating a reputation by aiming to match its counterparts in terms of large transaction volumes. For a detailed comparison and analysis between Amanpuri, BitMEX and Binance exchanges, please see the below tabulation.

Exclusive features of Amanpuri Exchange

● Multi Signature Scheme — This exchange is based on Multi Sig Digital Signature Scheme and 2 or more passwords are required for remittance of Virtual Financial Asset from a wallet address.

● Cold Wallet Management — Through cold wallet, the Amanpuri Exchange aims to tackle the hacking of the accounts thereby restricting one withdrawal per day and also the random withdrawal timing.

● Custodian Partnerships — With the help of the custodians, this project protects the digital data of the users from the hackers. Even if any unlikely event happens the team has a strong back up plan with the custodians to provide full support to the users.

● Customer Support — The key advantage this Amanpuri Exchange when compared to other Exchange services is the customer support which operates 24x7 with a multilingual customer support system. This special service caters the users all across the globe.

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With the increase of the daily demands and its corresponding financial transactions, digital currencies are becoming an integral part of our life. But when the need of exchanges between the different Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies occur, there comes a need for a reliable exchange platform. One such platform which was created by top industrial experts offering honest, secure and satisfying services to the users is Amanpuri Exchange. For more and latest information on this platform, please visit

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