ARCC(Asia Reserve Currency Coin)


ARCC is solving the economic development of corrupt emerging markets. Bitcoin has proven that it has surmounted as the Technological proof of concept made through the means of “The social proof of work”, that has been consistently emerging in order to curtail the corruption and a financially inclusive one it also rewards the users with “ARCC” — Asia Reserve Currency Coin”.

The main motto of the “Cryptocurrency” is to drive away the existing centralised economic system and to help the poor to get used to “The Decentralised system of Economy”.

Ever since long ago, the whole world has been putting up with the centralised system of economy, and it is the high time to eradicate the existing one and to bring about the decentralised system of Economy.

Revolutionizing would merely be a sheer waste of time, evidently. As a matter of fact, when we embark on “The Decentralised system of Economy”, the people across globe could be very free to each other and would come up against the brick wall economically.

a) While the mining mechanism being followed , there used to be a 4 types

A general one, B) A User initiated, C) A User Validated, and eventually d) a Utility upload one. The A) will be created by the ARCC, and users from all walks of life will be given with the Questionnaire in terms of being aware of the Utilities and socio-economic issues.

This can be said as a Third Phase one, in which a person to person will get integrated with each other and would also create an another source called Micro-Entrepreneurs with all the necessary transactions.

The children from their Orphanages could get graduated for their being funded by the fundraisers of the people, who are part and parcel of this group, and would also extend their helping hands to all the other places where money is a primary problem.

The Poor can easily embark on the decentralized system of economy, as they realise and walk the path of the aforementioned system, without the tediousness they can become well-off, this we can call it the empowerment,

In which, we can also come up with the levels

1. ARCC as a stablecoin

2. Network incentive

3. Social proof of work and Micro asset network

4. Micro entrepreneurship

5. Mass adoption of ARCC

In terms of everything that they do in this Decentralized system of economy. Everything has been made “Transparent”, most importantly in Blockchain audit, Functionality of Transactions, Balance via zkLedger.



Allocation of annual continuous token mint (18-year period) 20% additional supply


Allocation of annual continuous token mint (22-year period) 5% additional supply




The Organisation can not only be coming up with the new regulations, but also that of the Non-existent policies and laws to be taken care of.

One has to stand by the clear position,legally.

Operational risks, Political risks, Governance risks, Market speculation and Manipulation risks and so on must be made with an utmost importance.

According to the investment fund structure that requires adequate Licences.



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