Art Of War — The next generation, multi layered ecosystem


In recent times, metaverse and gaming coins have outperformed almost all other zone coins, and it’s still too early to invest in them. Gaming coins, out of all the cryptocurrency-based projects, have seen massive gains in recent times and are also popular and well-liked by the general public. Is the gaming season, however, over? Certainly not!

People have enjoyed gaming since it was invented, and they will continue to do so now that it provides opportunities to earn and accumulate in addition to leisure and entertainment. So here this article is all about one such amazing gaming project — Art Of War!

What is Art Of War?

Art of War isn’t just another speculative cryptocurrency project. Art of War is a multi-layered, next-generation gaming ecosystem that can bring together players from various communities to achieve a common goal.

Art of War is a PvP NFT battle game in which players can buy and own custom NFTs, collect them, and make new friends. This game, which was inspired by popular games, combines the best of both worlds: a fun experience for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect, trade, and battle NFTs, even if they are unfamiliar with them.

The game is aimed at a diverse gaming community that can easily be integrated into existing platforms. The main point of comparison is the traditional gaming market, where the same players are targeted as the target audience.

Art of War has the potential to attract millions of players, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.

The game is designed in such a way that players can keep their NFTs in their wallets outside of the game.

The first version of Art of War runs and plays well, demonstrating that the technology behind it works. The team will continue to update the game, and each update will be accompanied by a new version of the whitepaper.


The mission of this project is to unite different cryptocurrency communities to earn profit in the amazing World of Lunar Land.

Why Art Of War?

Lunar Land is a large world map located in the Lunar Land archipelago in the Art of War universe. It’s a place where members of various crypto communities come together to share space, make friends, and fight to defend their castle. The Art of War is the first attempt to create a truly public application with an engaging plot that will draw players from all corners of the crypto space. Not only will the game appeal to players, but it will also appeal to entire communities. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface with several features to discover. Because there will be monthly updates to the game to add more features, it is designed to “live forever” with a narrative that never becomes boring.


Art of War is a growing gaming ecosystem. It includes:
● The Gaming World with the ability to place castles/kingdoms on the map for all interested projects or tokens;
● Marketplace and the own currency $AOW;
● A unique game using its NFT collection.


For $AOW Investors

Widespread use of the token in the game process ensures the constant and steady growth of the AOW. Constant development and updates of the game attracts more and more gamers and buyers.

For other Investor

Possibility of placing third-party NFT cards in the marketplace with the possibility of further use in the gameplay.

For partners

The opportunity to join the world of Lunar Land and participate in battles with your NFT card heroes.

For gamers

By playing the game, you have the possibility of earning real money.


● Business Objectives, Market and Target audience
Art of War is not a game for blockchain enthusiasts, but rather a game for a large global audience of players. Even those with little knowledge of blockchains can participate and play, ensuring a large audience of users.

● Millions of users
The game can compete in the market and share similar numbers as other games, reaching millions of users, thanks to its unique style and high interest in these types of games. The projects primarily aim to fully develop the potential of the blockchain economy while abstracting its complexity from users, as no prior experience or interest in blockchain or cryptocurrencies is required.

● Current Status: Game PvP Ready
Art of War has been in development since 2021, and several key components have now been completed. The website’s beta version paints a vivid and enticing picture of what it will look like: a multiplayer, blockchain-enabled game with chat, dialogues, a map, and some fantastic hand-drawn NFTs. This is only for the demo and to familiarise the player with the NFTs; the game will soon have a completely different onboarding process. With the next updates, there will be more action, animation, and castles on the world map of the Lunar Land.

● Collectables and scarcity
In gaming, there is an element of scarcity and collectable items, as there will be limited editions, scarce items.

Gaming NFT

Art of War supports its own NFT cards (Lunar Land), which will be published in the store constantly.

Cards have the following characteristics:
1. ID — Unique identifier of the NFT card on Binance Smart Chain
2. Rarity — Enforcer (0) **, Guardian (2) **, Elite (4) **, Legendary (6) **, Ancient (8) **, Divine (10) **
3. Level — The level of the card can be increased with the $AOW token.
4. Wins — Statistics to track your wins;
5. Loses — Statistics to track your losses


The main idea of the world map is to attract new partners to join the Lunar Land world map. The partners will be able to join the game using their own NFTs or can be created for them. The partners also will get their castle.

Why would partners want to join the project?
1. There is a Marketplace for their NFTs;
2. Hand drawn NFTs can be created;
3. The name of the partner’s token will be listed on this world map;


The game’s native currency is the $AOW token. It allows token holders to participate in the game, as well as invest in the NFTs (by upgrading). The supply of $AOW tokens is limited. The $AOW token serves as a portal to the Lunar Land universe. Kingdoms are formed using various tokens, trade roads are established, new castles are constructed, and with them, allies and enemies. Choose your character, get a title, and enter Lunar Land’s wonderful world. Your NFT character is more than just a game object; it’s an NFT based on the BSC that will appear in both the game and your wallet.

➢Team and Marketing — these tokens are allocated to founding and non-founding members of Art of War. These tokens will also be used to incentivize those players who earn tokens by participating in competitions and other activities in the game.
➢ Airdrop: 2% of the tokens will be distributed to the investors who participated in the airdrop. The tokens will be distributed to wallets on 17- 19Sep21, depending on the number of wallets, who took part in the airdrop.
➢ Private Sale — there was a private sale that was held to collect the funds for the game development and marketing the pre-sale
➢ Pre-sale — Started on 28Aug21 and will last until the Hard Cap is reached or 17Sep21, whichever comes first. All tokens that did not sell in the pre-sale, will be burned.

1. Presale wallet — the tokens that are bought at the presale on the website.
2. Admin Wallet — 25% Liquidity + 2 % airdrop;
3. Marketing/Team Wallet — Locked
4–9. Private Sale — These funds were used for the making of the game, hand-drawn NFTs and setting up the project in general.


27Aug21: Publication of AOW token

➢ 28Aug21: Start of the Pre-sale;
• Soft cap: 500 BNB
• Hard cap: 750 BNB

➢ 17Sep21: Launch of the AOW on Pancake swap;
• Distribution of airdrop tokens

➢ 21Sep21: Launch of the NFT Marketplace

➢ 23Sep21: Launch of the Game;
• Launch of the game — “Art Of War — Lunar Land”

➢ 01Oct21: Full-scale marketing
• Launching massive marketing in the gaming industry
• Partnership with large influencers
• Expansion of the gaming community to 10'000 players

➢ Oct21: Partnering with other communities;

➢ Q4 2021: Update to the Game
• Adding more features

➢ Q1 2022: Launching Add-ons

➢ Q2 2022: CEX Listings

➢ Q3 2022: Battle Royale

➢ Q1 2023: New Game


Stan Perevoz, CEO
Stan is a business-driven manager with over 10+ years of experience as a Lead for the Clinical Trials in multinational companies for ROW. He has a strong technical background in IT and excellent management skills and is in love with Crypto.

Christian Brunner, Software & Game Engineer
Brunner is a software engineer and developer who specializes in front-end and back-end solutions. He has experience with iOS mobile native applications, C/C++ applications, and 2D/3D graphics and games.

Rustem Kargizov, Web and Blockchain Developer
Rustem is an experienced IT professional with a unique combination of technical, consulting, and management skills. He’s participated as an individual contributor (Javascript, Solidity, C#), consultant, architect.

Ole Larsen, Marketing Manager
Ole is a top-notch professional in orchestrating strategies and marketing plans designed to exceed business goals based on research, market trends and consumer behaviour.

Julia, SMM Manager
Content and brand strategist with experience and passion for cryptocurrency. Experienced in the following: Copywriting, Content strategy and management — research, content creation, trend analysis, Social media marketing management — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging


Art Of Wars has the potential to attract users for gains and also for the gaming experience! It’s worth looking project and you can read and know about the project from the whitepaper available on the website! It’s holding something great for the future

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