Bitbond — First global business lending platform


Bitbond is the primary global commercial enterprise lending platform. Bitbond became founded in 2013 and is based totally in Berlin, Germany. Over 3,000 loans had been funded at the platform. Bitbond is the first global business leading platform, with significant highlights, that follow
• Bitbond was founded in 2013, Berlin, Germany
• €5M in the equity finance from capital funds and business angels
• €13M+ worth of SME loans funded in about 80 countries
• About 3000 loans were funded on this platform
• Retail and institutional investors finance business loan at global level
• This is Germany’s first BaFin regulated blockchain company

Bitbond’s business model

Bitbond makes revenue by charging origination fees to borrowers and reimbursement fees to traders. The origination fees variety from 2–3% of the mortgage quantity. The reimbursement price levels from 0.5–1.5% of the overall payments.

BB1 Token sale

Security TOKEN
• BB1 is a security token issued via Bitbond Finance GmbH (Bitbond subsidiary).
• Bitbond Finance’s STO prospectus is completely compliant with European Prospectus law.

Use of funds raised:

• 40% of Investments in SME loans at the Bitbond platform
• 40% financing of junior notes to leverage available capital
• 10% provision of operating capital to Bitbond
• 10% management, advertising and marketing, affiliate program.

BB1 Token liquidity

Bitbond Finance leverages the Stellar blockchain to offer green and instantaneous international transactions. As a Token holder you may gain from:

  1. Efficient transactions
  2. Easy setup

BB1 return Scenario

The scenarios show which goes back you could get from making an investment within the Bitbond BB1 Token on the discounted fee of EUR 0.95. For further assumptions are below.
Scenario A
Fixed coupon: 4.0% p.a. (paid quarterly) Variable coupon: 4.8% p.a. Due to a strong overall performance of the underlying SME loan portfolio with low default charges.
Scenario B
Fixed coupon: 4.0% p.a. (paid quarterly). Variable coupon: 3.6% p.a. Because of a sturdy overall performance of the underlying SME loan portfolio with medium default quotes.
Situation C
Fixed coupon: 4.0% p.a. (paid quarterly). Variable coupon: 2.4% p.a. Due to an excellent overall performance of the underlying SME mortgage portfolio with medium default costs.
The assumptions for the overall performance of the underlying portfolio of SME loans are based totally on historical figures and a 2019 forecast. Beyond performance isn’t always indicative of destiny effects.

Terms and conditions

Use for the Bitbond STO Waitlist technique

Legal responsibility

Legal responsibility underneath the German product legal responsibility law (Produkthaftungsgesetz) or for damages primarily based on breach of a guarantee assumed via us, stays unaffected. Insofar as the Telecommunications Act (TKG) is to be implemented, the legal responsibility law in a TKG stays unaffected.



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