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Cryptocurrency is often viewed as a complicated system by potential investors who often shy away from the amazing investment opportunities it provides. It is much safer than several established traditional financial systems and the decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it the perfect structure to ensure transparency in all transactions. While several platforms can be discouraging to new users to be more ‘sophisticated’, BitCashPay offers a solution tailor-made to address all of the major hurdles faced by these investors in the market.

About BitCashPay

BitCashPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading and investing platform that offers merchants, new and experienced investors alike the opportunity to overcome initial market problems and reap rich rewards through a carefully planned system revolving around its integral currency, the BCP token. With the main objective of motivating newer investors who are unfamiliar with a stock exchange trading system to enter the platform and thus fuel it’s potential to grow, BitCashPay is created to reach out to more merchants and link their businesses with cryptocurrency.

Common Problems Faced by Investors in the Market

• Higher Latency Period: Latency is the amount of delay experienced by investors while receiving a response. High-level investors need and look for lower latency to increase the amount of time they mingle in the market.

• Difficulty in Running Accounts: Several new players in the crypto market find it difficult to run their accounts and apply themselves in the trade as they find the whole thing too sophisticated for their taste. There is a need to simplify the system to make it easier for newer investors to operate with ease.

• Mediocre Customer Service: Most of the existing cryptocurrency platforms do not have proper customer service and not all of them are user friendly.

•Excessive Traffic and Trade fee leading to recurring Downtime: A lot of crypto sites face problems and slower transactions due to the high amount of traffic and fees collected for trading.

All in one solution offered by BitCashPay

Since it focuses on encouraging newer users to better understand the benefits of cryptocurrency and invest further to enable the growth of the platform, BitCashPay addresses all of the mentioned problems and offers an all-in-one solution, making it highly advantageous for high-level investors. It is programmed to have an extremely low latency period, offers excellent customer service, and user-friendly navigation enabled by AI and this makes it exceptionally simple for all users to run and operate. It also offers a zero-fee policy for BCP coin stakeholders and a very minimal fee for non-BCP stakeholders.

BitCashPay enables its users to purchase various products using the BCP cell. It even lets them purchase fast food products, is cashless, and easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

Services Offered by BCP

BitCashPay offers several significant services to its investors, including:

• Crypto Bank: Easy to use, BCP operates like a bank, offering cryptocurrency staking and lending services.

• Fastcash3k.Com Lending: BCP coin has been integrated with this site where users can pay their subscription fee and loan interests.

• Globalpowerline.Net: BCP helps you purchase a wide advertising audience and packaging by integrating with

• Payment System/ Payment Getaway: As it offers users the ability to purchase several products using the coin, BCP can be integrated into any business as a payment gateway system. It currently lets customers purchase fast food, gas, enables cellular phone loading, and also real estate due to its having Richline Realty as one of its affiliates.

• Crypto Exchange: BCP’s services also extend to a decentralized currency exchange system that offers BCP stakeholders with over ten thousand coins a zero-fee program and non-BCP ones, a minimal fee.

• Crypto Trading AI Software: For a limited price, all users have access to a new, easy-to-use AI crypto trading software that helps them gain huge profits and trade a lot more efficiently.

• BitCash Coop: This is a system that allows loans within BCP members for a fixed amount of time to help people reach out and connect to others with similar interests.

• Eth 2.0 Staking Feature: BCP token can also be used to pay staking fees to participate in Ethereum staking since the platform hosts nodes to enable this.

BCP Token

The BCP Token is the platform’s integral currency and whose ICO is yet to be announced by them. It is a once in a lifetime offer, making it impossible for people to purchase it again once over.

Investment Opportunities offered by BCP

Except for riskier options like mining, BCP offers three main investment opportunities for its coin holders.

• Lending: The platform offers lending at a 5% monthly rate with an assured system of daily returns enabled by the capital provided by the users, which is locked for a period and used smartly to generate high amounts of profit.

• Staking: Members are offered BCP staking with a minimum term period of 60 days with the assurance of a daily payout and profit. BCP coins earn up to 7% per month or 84% APR and the platform offers both Bitcoin and Ethereum Lockup.

• Affiliate Programme: BitCashPay also offers a referral program through which investors can earn up to 5% for level-2 referrals and up to 10% for direct ones.

With three great investment opportunities lined up, BCP is a golden chance to reap profits that must not be missed.

Advantages of investing in BCP

After understanding the opportunities presented by BCP, here are the advantages of investing in the platform:
• An automated system of dividend payments
• A much simpler AML and KYC procedure
• Profitable venture for a long term revenue generation undertaking
• Secure and well-regulated
• A decentralized system that ensures transparency and high speed in all transactions

The BitCash Pay platform is designed to generate maximum profits for all it’s investors and ensures that they are all done fairly with a planned monitoring system in place.

Token Details

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation

Road Map


• BITCASH FINANCIAL SUPPORT SERVICES JULY 30, 2019 Registered with Business №1101996
• Development of Basic Crypto Wallet Started

• Development of Crypto Bank Started
• Development of Crypto Lending & Staking Started
• Crypto Wallet Testing
• Crypto Wallet Launched to Live
• Lending & Staking Testing
• Lending & Staking Launched


• Android Mobile Application for Crypto Exchange & Cryptobank Started
• Ecosystem Planning & Development
• ICO Website Started
• P2P Crypto Transfer Started

• Crypto Bank Market Analysis
• Crypto Lending Planning & Development
• Crypto Bank Infrastructure Planning
• Integrated Wallet Development
• P2P Crypto Transfer Testing
• P2P Crypto Completed

• ICO Website Launch & Announcement
• 8.5M BCP AirDrop & Bounty
• BCP Token Pre-Sale
30M BCP Tokens For Sale
1ETH = 15,000BCP
Minimum of 0.5ETH Purchase

• Round 1–200M BCP to be sold
1 ETH = 12,000 BCP + 1 Free Bronze GPL Ad Pack
10ETH = 120,000 BCP + 1 Free Silver GPL Ad Pack
100 ETH = 1.2M BCP + 1 Free Gold GPL Ad Pack

• Round 2(TBD) — 150M BCP to be sold
1 ETH = 11,000 BCP + 1 Free Bronze GPL Ad Pack
10ETH = 110,000 BCP + 1 Free Silver GPL Ad Pack
100 ETH = 1.1M BCP + 1 Free Gold GPL Ad Pack

• Round 3(TBD) — 50M BCP to be sold
1 ETH = 10,500 BCP + 1 Free Bronze GPL Ad Pack
10ETH = 105,000 BCP + 1 Free Silver GPL Ad Pack
100 ETH = 1.05M BCP + 1 Free Gold GPL Ad Pack

• Start of Crypto Bank Development
• Start of Crypto Lending Development


• Filing of Licenses
• BCP Listing on Major Exchanges
• Main Crypto Exchange Development
• Android & iOS Apps Testing
• Android & iOS App Beta
• Android & iOS App Deploy to Play Store & App Store
• Start of Crypto Trading AI Development


• Payment System Development
• Crypto Payment Gateway Development Started
• Fiat Support, Purchasing & Selling Crypto Fiat Available
• Crypto Bank with Staking Development Begins


• Crypto Bank Mobile App Development Started
• Fiat Currencies Trading Support
• Insurance of funds & Crypto Wallet
• Integration of In-House Fiat Solution
• Start of Crypto Trading AI Testing


• Crypto Trading AI Launching
• Crypto Merchant Services & Development Started
• Partnership with cellular reloading



• Partnership with Major Gasoline Brands in The Country
• Partnership with Major Food Groups in The Country
• Partnership with Richline Realty

• To Establish BITCASH Coop
• Projected BCP Price — $2


While any new technology is often eyed critically by new users, Cryptocurrency is one such mechanism that has continuously made merchants and users cautious against integration. BitCashPay offers a simple and profitable system that enables all kinds of investors to reap rich rewards by becoming BCP coin holders and encouraging various merchants to integrate it with their businesses as well. Offering a wide variety of products like fast food, gas, and real estate, BCP is an investment opportunity one cannot afford to miss.

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