Cdiamondcoin is a certified stable diamond coin which comes under the class of cryptocurrencies with each coin weighed at 0.04cts of a diamond. This stable coin acts as a security token which sets into the role of reserve currency and is a part of derivatives.

Diamond Origin Verification Service

To create a baseline for every mine in the world diamond samples are collected and tested with which information are gathered creating a digital DNA for diamonds. When a buyer wants to trade in diamonds can easily get access to information from the pool of data created.

Digital Diamond Database

The digital diamond database is closely connected with Diamond verification service by providing complete information about the diamonds to the DPT token holders. The fee amount is formulated in coordination SCS and is collected through DPTs.


The Marketplace is of B2B or B2C platform which acts as a catalog for investment in the diamond sale. It is where buyers and sellers get connected to trade in diamonds. Before selling, the following parameters are followed to list the diamonds in the sale.
• The diamond undergoes a laser test which is then added to the diamond database
• A digital certificate is issues
• The diamond will get evaluated.

CDC (Certified Diamond Coin) Stable Coin

CDC is a standardized token which each CDC values 0.04cts with a price worth of $35. The price includes Rapaport value + Insurance cost + Packaging costs. The Certified Diamond Coin is a;
• Hybrid token
• Security token + Payment token
• Acts as Reserve currency and Stable coin

Diamond Platform Token

Diamond Platform Token (DPT) also called as Utility Token is the object of ICO which gives access to the platform and its services. It is neither a derivative nor is backed by any assets. The main objective of DPT is to serve the purpose of accessing the digital rights to Diamond Network and its services on a blockchain-based infrastructure. With DPT, the buyer can access to various information about the diamond such as origin verification certificate, digital diamond database, CDC diamond coin, and marketplace.

  1. ICO Main Sale-30%
  2. Token Sale through time- 30%
  3. Team-15%
  4. Advisors & Partners- 10%
  5. Bounties/others-5%

Step by Step Method of DPT Token process

Diamond Platform Token Chart


The founder of the project has first started his research about crypto currency market in the year 2017. The realisation of the project was first made in October 2017 since then the first Development project phase has started.

Main Team Description

External Experts Team

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