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Crypto Market ads are one stop solution market place for all the crypto marketing and advertising problems by offering very low prices due to the healthy competitions between the publishers attracting advertisers at one place. For more details on crypto market ads, please visit the website

The rapid growth of crypto advertisement and industry of marketing past two years has to lead to many problems like banning of crypto ads by big corporate, a higher charge of publishers nearly ten times, higher charges for the services offered by the professionals and marketing agencies. Due to scams and fraudulence, the market found it difficult in attracting influencers and good publishers.

This problem was solved by CMA by providing a stable market place for the advertisers and publishers on to a common marketing platform where they can compete with each other with their marketing strategies like offering low prices, offers which are competitive and communication instantly. Advertisers will be able to do marketing campaigns at a lower price without requiring any marketing team.

Crypto markets ads vision is decentralized and a democratic marketplace for crypto advertisement. Their mission lies not only in providing the best marketplace but also in creating an internet for goods and services for sellers and marketplaces globally. The mode of sellers selling their goods would like to be changed by Crypto markets ads on creating an ecosystem that is P2P connected.


Here are some problems and risk factors faced by the CMA
• Banning of crypto ads by big corporations due to lots of scams and fraudulent
• Expensive crypto advertisement
• Overpriced crypto marketing
• Publishers and influencers are hard to find
• Escrow lacking and scams are high


CMA wants to offer a solution to the influencers and publishers through this platform by the following ways:
• Promotion or offering of marketing services
• Consultancy services to be provided
• Crypto projects purchase services or new ICO purchase services

Product Overview

Crypto Market ads is a new market place which offers a solution for all the crypto marketing and advertising problems by the connection between publishers and influencers in the same platform. The prices will be kept low due to the healthy competition prevailing between the publishers thereby attracting advertisers. High demand will be received by the publishers from advertisers due to the affordable prices in the CMA market place for campaigns on advertising and marketing.

Types of property and services offered by CMA marketplace:
• Forum signatures
• Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You tube, etc
• ICO listings and websites
• Email newsletters
• Services of marketing
• Blockchain services
• Advisers
The additional services the users can sell after the reach of the first ICO target are:
• Production of content
• Design of logo, website, social media and presentation

The working principle of CMA for advertisers
• The publishers’ properties are chosen for advertising and any services required
• Uploading creative’s and checks out
• Wait to get approval from the publisher and if required, the details are discussed
• The status of the purchased services is followed up and wait to complete the process
Payment is transferred to the account of the publisher once the order is confirmed.

The working principle of CMA for publishers
• Adding of crypto advertising properties and services offered to the marketplace
• Accepting the orders of advertisers
• Completion of approved order
• Marking the order as completed
The publisher receives payment in CMA token form once the order is marked as complete by the advertiser.


CMA offers an easy entry into the crypto market as a new project for existing projects in the marketplace thereby increasing the overall adoption of blockchain technology by other businesses.


CMA mission is creating a safe, secure, fast and easy using of blockchain through Dapps for easy execution of ICO or crypto projects allowing sellers syndicate the data and giving them the power of the new crypto market place and be independent of other cryptocurrencies.


ICO advertising and marketing market volume
• There was a growth of 800% of the total number of ICO in 2017 when compared to 2016 and kept increasing over the years.
• The growth of ICO market saw a 100% increase in 2017–18 and expects to double over the years.
• Total average ICO marketing market volume keeps increasing over the days from 2016 till date.

Crypto Projects Advertising and Marketing Market Volume
• Funds raised totally by ICO — the increase of funds raised in 2017 is estimated as 6544% and is found to double each year, the estimated cost of $200 billion will be the fund raised in 2021
• Funds raised by ICO used on marketing — 21% is spent on marketing from the funds raised by ICO. If the funds double, an estimated cost of $42billion for marketing will be spent in 2021

Marketing strategy

CMA focuses on the crypto market who speaks English globally and countries like Asia and South Korea due to their blockchain technology adoption and high demand of the same.


The ecosystem of Crypto market ads is divided into Publishers, Advertisers and Exchanges.
• Publishers — Ads, marketing and other related service sellers are categorized as publishers
• Advertisers — The companies or individuals buying the ads, marketing and other related services
• Exchangers — Exchangers help the use of CMA token for advertising and self-promotion and allow the sale of earned CMA tokens

Internet of goods and services

• Registration of sellers on the blockchain of goods and services, along with products they wish to sell and services
• The choice of marketplaces by sellers for selling their goods and services
• The parameters should be set by the market place for accepting goods and services beforehand
• The goods and services of the sellers syndicated into the market places chosen
• Marketplaces earn markup during the sale with their tokens and blockchain coins
• Sellers are paid by converting their tokens to cryptocurrencies by the market places
• The payment is accepted by the sellers with the main block chain coin

Token function

CMA token is used by the Crypto market ads as an only token mainly for the transactions between the users of the market place. The CMA tokens are used by the users for the free discounts after token lock-ups and this discount can be availed only if the CMA token is locked down by the users.
• Accessing unique services
• Used as a utility token
• Used to pay ads and services by the advertisers
• This token is the only option for payment in the CMA marketplace
The payments made to the publishers of CMA market place by the advertisers are through the CMA token turnover. A token swap will take place to a blockchain coin if the CMA ICO has reached the second target or hard cap and the new coin is used as payment in ICO platform and the market place builder.

Token Distribution

The token distribution is given as follows were the CMA tokens account for 10 billion in total. The duration of the pre-ICO phase is 1 month while ICO lasts for 2 months. 5 billion tokens are set for hard cap and the tokens unsold are burnt.
• 50% For Crowd sales
• 10% For marketing, bounty, sales, referrals, advisors
• 20% For Exchanges & Reserves
• 10% For Founders (Lockup for a year)
• 10% For Team members (Lockup for a year)

Use of funds

Target 1
As per the target 1 statistics, following are the % of the contribution of factors:
• 30% Accounts for Marketing and sales
• 20% Accounts for Development
• 20% Accounts for Research and Operation
• 10% For Expansion (Europe)
• 10% Reserved
• 5% Overheads
• 5% For Legal actions

Target 2
As per the target 2 statistics, following are the % of the contribution of factors:
• 30% Accounts for Development
• 25% Accounts for Research and Operation
• 20% Accounts for Marketing and sales
• 10% Reserved
• 5% Expansion (South Korea)
• 5% Overheads
• 5% For Legal actions

Target 3
As per the target 3 statistics, following are the % of the contribution of factors:
• 25% Accounts for Development
• 25% Accounts for Research and Operation
• 20% Accounts for Marketing and sales
• 10% Reserved
• 10% Expansion (South Korea, North America, and South America)
• 5% Overheads
• 5% For Legal actions


• Nov 2013 — the Crypto ads marketplace idea was initiated
• Jun 2016 — Research of the market
• Q3 2016 — Teammates and partners new to the field
• Oct 2016 — Development start
• Jun 2017 — Company registration
• Oct 2017 — Marketplace’s alpha version
• Feb 2018 — Working of Marketplace’s Beta
• Q2-Q4 — ICO preparation
• NOW — Offering coin initially
• Q3 2019 — Marketing started and first payouts
• Q3 2019- Token listed on new exchanges
• Q3 2019 — New teammates hiring
• Q3 2019 — Internet goods and service development started on reaching second ICO target
• Q4 2019 — Expansion to Europe on reaching first ICO target
• Q4 2019 — Expansion to South Korea on reaching second ICO target
• Q4 2019 — Expansion to Asia, North America and South America on reaching third ICO target
• Q2 2020 — Internet of Goods and Service’s block chain launch on reaching second ICO target
• Q3 2020 — Decentralized Marketplace Builder started and ICO platform for Marketplaces Development on reaching third ICO target
• Q4 2020 — Launch of New Block chain Mainnet on reaching third ICO target
• Q1 2021 — Token swap of CMA ERC20 to the Internet of Goods and Services Mainnet on reaching second ICO target
• Q2 — Q3 2021 — Decentralized Marketplace Builder started and ICO platform for Marketplaces on reaching third ICO target

Team members

Olegs Martinuks
Co-Founder & CEO

Artis Romanovskis
Co-Founder & COO

Artur Babyuk
Co-Founder & CTO

Artis Lutkovskis
Co-Founder & CDO

Aivis Popesku

Lidija Brindina-Martinuka
Social Media Manager

Inga Bliska
Graphic Designer

Janis Gulbinskis
Software Developer

Elvis Metrins
Community Manager


Krisjanis Eihmanis
Advisor, Content Production

Ieva Plakane
Advisor, Content Marketing

Martins Vanks
Advisor, ICO Marketing

Qasim Zaib
Advisor, Software


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