The awareness of mining power in the hands of multiple large corporations is distorting the previously democratic decision-making process in these networks: modifications in protocols and hard forks are in risk of being stimulated with the economic interests of a few.

DAGO mining has designed a mining system with 3 technologies all together: an excessive performance photovoltaic system that makes use of solar concentration panels, blended with a modern power storage system in salt water batteries in order to convey the farm to be self-sufficient in terms of power in 12–18 months from the start.

The progressive construction and assembly of the hardware of mining make use of high overall performance GPU and ASIC Chip already available on the market. The whole thing is cooled through “Immersion Cooling” a good way to take advantage of the possibility of overclock without losing stability and durability. Using the dynamics of exponential increase for each, we promote climate protection and the welfare of token holders. It is the physical incarnation of the blockchain spirit: a strong and decentralized device that can withstand disruptions in government rules, fee structures, and the energy supply.

ICO/STO information

The DAGO token is an ERC-20 standard-based totally Ethereum token. DAGO tokens grant their holders the proper to:
•Receive 50% of the mining interest divided as follows: 40% paid monthly, 1 month after start Reinvest 10% for increase mining ability
• Receive 20% from the calculation power rental activity divided as follows:
20% paid monthly, 1 month after the start 05% reinvested for growth mining capability
• Use the tokens to shop for mining power with a 30% discount
First statistics on ICO of recent mines, others might be implemented.

DAGO Mining will reinvest 40% of the income, for 18 months revaluable, in hardware and Photovoltaic cells to boom the entire hash strength of the entire miner for the gain of all, 10% will cover the fees of protection, administration, personnel, etc.
Initial Token trouble volume: 150.000.000 DAGO
Price of the token in the term of FIAT currency: 1 DAGO = 1$


Form of payment accepted: ETH, BTC credit playing cards.
The unsold tokens might be destroyed o burned.

Tokens Distribution:

• 85% token holder
• 15% of Founders and companies


Start: 12.30.2018 12.00 UTC
End: 05.11.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: + 30% in the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the wide variety of tokens you bought. (1 DAGO= USD 0.76)

Start 05.11.2019 12.00 UTC
End: 06.11.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) Price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: + 30% in the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the number of tokens you bought.

ICO stage 1
Start: 06.11.2019 12.00 UTC
End: 07.11.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: +30% in the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the number of tokens you bought. (1 DAGO= USD 0.76)

ICO stage 2
Start: 07.11.2019 12.00 UTC
End: 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: +30% in the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the number of tokens you bought. (1 DAGO= USD 0.76)

ICO stage 3
Start: 07.20.2019 12.00 UTC
End: 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: + 20% within the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the variety of tokens you bought. (1 DAGO= USD 0.83)

ICO final stage
Start: 07.30.2019 12.00 UTC
End: 08.10.2019 12.00 UTC
Accepted currency: ETH USD (credit card) price: 1 DAGO token = 1 USD
BONUSES: +10% in the form of adding more DAGO tokens to the variety of tokens you bought. (1 DAGO= USD 0.90)

Guarantee for investors

In the event that the ICO/STO does not attain $4 millions, Dago Mining will refund the capital raised via investor protection platforms. There may be the possibility of the usage of an opportunity system. It is going to be subject to confirmation by investors thru consultation.
Use of the proceeds:
• 5% advertising expenses, begin-up prices, etc.
• 10% of research & development and administration
• 85% funding in hardware mining (photovoltaic, storage batteries, GPU and ASIC Chip)


In compliance with US safety laws, maintaining a token is strictly limited to three categories of investors:
• Investors who do not hold a US passport
• Are not in possession of a US green card
• Have no residence in United States.


• Token-holders investors gain from 50% of the net income on mining, Calculated on the number of Tokens held.
• Token-holders investor benefit from 20% of the net profits on the hire of calculation power, calculated on the number of Tokens held.
This solution is designed to shield the profitability of the investment.
The calculation of power is split as follows:
• 70% Hash power Mining
• 30% Cloud Mining


We have calculated the price of the ICO (legal advice, manufacturing of promotional material, personnel for advertising and communication, direct advertising charges together with space on social media, banners, paid gadgets, and so forth.) in about 5% of the value of ICO/STO. 85% of the fundamental ICO/STO funds might be used for mining hardware, photovoltaic system, energy storage (storage batteries). The hardware investments are predicted between $ 2,000,000 and 2,500,000 currently, and to begin with $ 2,000,0000–2,500,000 for photovoltaic system and power storage. However, this may change due to modifications in the prices of the hardware, the photovoltaic system and market situations.

Details of Use of Proceeds
• 5% Marketing expenses / Start-up fees and others
• 10% Research and Development and Administration
• 85% Investment in hardware mining including photovoltaic, storage batteries,


May/ June
• Rent of business warehouses (already observed) now beneath construction equipped with a first photovoltaic system.
• Order of the primary batch of hardware
• Agreement with the host country for an area without taxes, 4% tax on profits (already agreed)
• Completion of the agreement for accumulation batteries
• Finalization of the contract for the photovoltaic system, we’re negotiating to have the complete plant since the starting. This means a price of about 0.10$ for a month in step with kWh set for 5 years, without any feasible increase in the value of energy.

June/ July
• Assembly of the photovoltaic device, hardware, try of the primary prototypes produced by us, the start of the immersion cooling system, reordering of the mining hardware (GPU and ASIC)

July/ August
• The extraction and sale of Hash energy begins
• The first distribution of income:
Earnings will be allotted based on the percentage of tokens held, with reinvestment system income will re-evaluate month after month.

Mining hardware

Though devoted hardware and software, we intend to develop a flexible structure capable of enhancing the extraction of cryptocurrencies based on the profitability of the instant. The biggest manufacturers of miners are also the largest cryptovalute extractor in the world, they distribute the equipment very slowly, aware that this can boom the problem of mining especially for them (Bitman and many others.), in 2018 the internet organization GMO produced and released a 33nm 7nm ASIC chip with consumption of 3.4Kw.

We employ experts teams from numerous nations who design new extraction systems for us, the usage of the efficaciously configured ASIC and GPU technology. The right configuration of a GPU ends in a better and stable hash charge, not necessarily the most effective card is the great. Every crew is specialized in a specific zone, from the design to the realization of the ASIC cards, to the assembly of the various components and to the very last product checking out.

For the conclusion and installation of the ring with GPU we are able to use a video card primarily based on the AMD Polaris chip (series of RX470, RX480, RX570, RX580) cards. We plan to use Sapphire and MSI manufacturers.

Immersion Cooling
4000 X more Efficient at eliminating heat than Air. In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric warmth transfer drinks, which are much better heat conductors than air, water or oil.
In comparison to submersion oil cooling, liquids are clean, environmentally pleasant and non-flammable.

Benefits of Immersion Cooling:
• Higher efficiency and energy savings (>90% power savings on the cooling)
• Reduced capital and operational fees
• Progressed overall performance
• Better density
• Advanced hardware reliability
• Fits any form, size or shape of electronics additives and boards
• Quicker time to marketplace
•Non-flammable, inherent hearth safety
• Works in restrained spaces and extreme environments (hot & humid etc).
• Reduced environmental impact.


The opportunity of changing the currency to be mined is vital for profitability, every now and then it is more profitable to mine coins of lesser value, but also less tough to calculate, which translates into larger volumes of coins, accordingly increasing profitability. DAGO mining software offers the possibility to alternate the currency of extraction, whenever there may be a want dictated by way of market conditions.


  • One of the most profitable alternatives is to preserve the token in the portfolio and receive dividends for every economic year. 40% of the company’s net income is distributed among investors and the 50% is reinvested to growth hash electricity to the advantage of all DAGO token holders.
    • In alternate for DAGO tokens, it is going to be viable to hire calculation skills for mining in the future. Fees for token holders could be greater appealing than the ones for new customers.
    • Upon completion of ICO/STO, you may constantly promote the token in exchanges, this will make it impossible to receive earnings dividends, best the possession of the token DAGO offers you the right.


DAGO-mining is a start-up made of entrepreneurs with a common passion for cryptocurrencies and ecology. Some team members and partners:

Valter Marelli
CEO — Director

Fabrizio Saltori
Logistics and Infrastructures Manager

Mary Jo Marelli
Graphic Designer

Patrizia Mereu
Video Designer

Raffaella Arcelli
Human Resources Manager

Giorgio D’Amico


Md Ayub Emon

Kevin Donnery

Lalit Bansal

Yogesh Raje
MENAIS Director

Alessandro Giulianelli
Hardware and Software Expert

Website: http://dago-mining.com/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Dc3VwSk2vmnOCaawe13cgMXmwOM4_SrR
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114211
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5121156.0

Social media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAGO-Mining-925577207590931
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dago_Mining/
Medium: https://medium.com/@dagomining
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dago_Mining_Official/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOW2PzorvLjc1MbkCT89QJg/featured/
Telegram: https://t.me/DAGOMiningofficial

K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: Rachchi
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2297077




Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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