The technology in today’s world are helping people in many ways to communicate with each other more quickly than it was a decade ago. Each day, we are witnessing the new and emerging developments in various sectors which brings people closer to faster and smart future where the exchanges and financial transactions between two individuals or firms are made more handy and easy. Nowadays, the users are finding the traditional payment methods as stressful due to increased service charges, extremely slow service provided while transactions, chances of fraudulent and many other difficulties. Hence in the modern world of virtual plays, this innovative project named Dexa coin has brought in a revolutionary app in the remittance and money transfer industries to make life easier.

What is Dexa Coin

Dexa Coin is a revolutionary and multi-featured app designed to make Global Money transfer and establishing social messaging instantly and more securely by harnessing the power of block chain technology. Dexa coin is more of a mobile application where anybody capable of operating a smartphone can make payments and transfer money instantly to anyone being anywhere in the world with high security and privacy. It also has an extraordinary feature of connecting and reaching out people through instant messaging facility.
Apart from the establishment of connectivity, users can quickly send and receive money without any delay. When compared to the traditional money transfer methods, which incorporates many steps making the payment time delay and dragging all the time, the Dexacoin has come up with the solution wherein users can link their bank account and also link the payment cards for quicker and hassle free payments, transactions and withdrawals. Dexa coin (Dexa) has a digital wallet called Dexa wallet that stores the token which is utilized at the time of transactions.

Features in Dexa coin

Global Money Transfer
Dexa coin allows the user to send and receive money from anywhere across the globe.The user with bank accounts can link his/her account with Dexa coin for which a block chain address will be generated. By simply clicking on the contact to which the amount has to be transferred, the payment can be made in a fraction of second.

Instant Messaging feature
Dexa coin creates a platform for social messaging where the users will be notified whenever he or she receives amount from the sender. The receiver can confirm the arrival of money by sending a confirmation message to the sender. Thereby the users can maintain a relationship with their clients and clarify the remittance enquiries.

Instant payments
Now using Dexa coin, the users can make payments at Cafe, Shopping stores, etc more easily and instantly. The users can make payment through Dexa coin by selecting between Pay via NFC or Pay via QR CODE options. Immediately after the payment, the user will get the notification on deduction and available balance in the messenger.

Link bank account to the app
Dexa coin makes money transfer from bank to app and vice versa easier thereby providing convenience to the users. Once the users link their bank account to the app, a unique block chain address will be generated. It will also be displayed on transactions. This makes the payment more quicker and smoother. The user can also link his payment card for example MasterCard, Visa to his account for faster payment.

The users can track and maintain their account balance and make transactions through app anytime and anywhere across the globe. It notifies the user on remittance and facilitates the user to link the bank account and payment cards like MasterCard for faster and smooth money transfer. At a later stage, Dexacoin has plans to grow this feature to reach more by introducing prepaid cards for independent transactions which the users without bank accounts can use and benefit through the app.

Security and Privacy
The data of the user is highly confidential and secured. End to End encryption is made for all the transaction details and the chatting through messenger. Unlike traditional method of moving money, everything happens virtually and it is decentralized to avoid middleman and enhance the transaction speed.

Token details

The Dexa Coin project holds tokens called DEXA tokens which excites the user with rewards and has a significant role in transactions. These DEXA tokens are saved inside the app. The Dexa users having tokens outside the app can hold other cryptocurrencies such as ERC- 20 tokens and Bitcoin in the app . The user has the provision to buy DEXA tokens directly. For example, if a user wants to buy DEXA tokens for $1 USD, he has to enter the amount, the respective amount that will be deducted will be displayed on the screen. Post the confirmation from the user, the amount will be deducted from the available balance in the account. DEXA tokens are used as service charges during the transactions. These tokens bring exciting rewards called Airdrop which are free tokens based on their number of DEXAs in the Dexa wallet. The users holding a certain DEXA will get a discount of 80% on service charges.

The Dexa coin token goes with the symbol DEXA and aims to supply 100 billion tokens. The total funds have been allocated to various departments. From the total allocation, 35% has been allocated to product development, 5% to the legal expenses, 25% for operations, 15% is kept for reserve, 10% is allocated for marketing and 10% is for R & D. The private sale of the DEXA tokens have been sold out successfully and the price of each token was 0.00003 USD. During the pre-sale, the price of each token is 0.00004 USD. For the public sale, 35 billion tokens are available for sale to the purchasers. During the public sale, the price of each DEXA token is 0.00005 USD. The Public Sale Date will be announced soon. In order to register and participate in the pre-sale, kindly visit
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In this modern era, where people wish to have effortless and hasslefree services, Dexa coin is a welcoming app that is user-friendly and easily adaptable by users across the globe to connect, transfer, pay and withdrawal money at a quicker rate. With experienced and experts in the field of block chain, this project is something which is disruptive and is effectively going to hit the market of money transfer. The Dexa coin mainly designed in considering the existing challenges and difficulties faced by the users while making payments through traditional methods, avoiding the middleman and hidden charges. Hence it is a smart choice to invest and be a part of this innovative and revolutionary project which is already making its way across the globe successfully. Please visit for complete details about this project.

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