With increase in population, there is an increase in demand for various products and services as well as their quality and standards which the consumers receive from the companies and service providers. Hence customer service plays a key role in the growth of any organisation or firm. Due to several bad experiences faced by the customers for the products or services, the companies are losing their reputation as well as there is a decline in sales which further also affects the economy of that industry as well as the country. When the consumers express their opinions on the products or services they receive it helps the Companies, Institutions, Industries, Govt and Non-Govt bodies to develop and flourish in their respective sectors by satisfying the customers. In order to bridge the gap between the customers and the companies, this unique project named Easy Feedback Token has been developed and already helps various companies across the globe to improve and develop their products and services with the customer’s feedback.

What is Easy Feedback Token?

Easy Feedback is a trusted third party intermediary platform between the customers and the companies to exchange feedback for the products or services received thereby improving the lifestyle for the customers and developing the standards and reputation for the companies through customer satisfaction. This online platform is from 2015 acting as trusted third party partner connecting customers and companies by solving feedback issues. This project helps the companies to get valuable suggestions, ideas to improve their products and services. It uses the blockchain technology and are also into implementing artificial intelligence and big data to further increase the efficiency and specialty and uniqueness of this project.

The customers can send feedback such as suggestions, congratulations, quireus and complaints to the companies through easy feedback. The users have already sent feedback to more than 10,000 companies in 50 countries across the world. When the users send the feedback, EFT are given to them as rewards and the EFT team makes sure that only feedbacks which are useful and original and the ones which can be executed by the companies for their development are rewarded and not any random feedback. The companies can subscribe to easy feedback pro which is a business tool through which they can analyse the data and can improve customer satisfaction. There is also a marketplace which is an online store platform on which the users can purchase products and services with their EFT tokens.

Easy is a unique and intuitive platform for customers to convey their messages/feedbacks such as suggestions, congratulations, complaints and queries to the companies and they can do so at free of costs through this platform. The feedback given by the customers are kept private and will reach the concerned company’s officials to whom they wish to communicate their feedback. This platform can be used 24x7 by the users making it always available for the consumers to express themselves freely about the products or services they had received.

Easy Feedback PRO

Easy Feedback PRO is a business tool offered to companies in order to track their customer’s feedback about their products or services and to improve the same for sales and customer satisfaction. The companies can subscribe for this tool at a nominal price based on the number of employees and the number of feedback already received by them through easy feedback platform. This easy feedback PRO subscription provides various exclusive tools which are highly useful for the companies to develop and interact with the customers and according to their needs, requirements and agenda they can utilise the available tools. The team is also working on the new products for companies such as easy feedback survey, easy feedback review, easy feedback stats, easy feedback IoT(Internet of Things).


● It promotes the feedback from the customers for improving the quality of product or the service and also improves the satisfaction of the customers.
● It rewards the customers who gives feedback and by rewarding the users for their feedback, more users have joined on this platform thereby reaching out it’s service to people on various sectors across the globe.
● One can easily transfer their Easy Feedback Tokens from their wallets to other wallets and also can exchange them for gift vouchers such as Amazon Gift Vouchers which makes more special for the EFT owners.
● The users can transfer EFTs from one EFT wallet to other EFT wallet easily without any transaction charges.
● In the near future, EFTs can also be used on cards such as Minexpay and Wirex.
● Accessibility between the companies and the customers made easier.
● The transparency and trust are built between customers and companies.
● It makes the customers to participate in the growth of the companies through their feedback thereby building a reputation for the companies.
● By increasing the customer satisfaction, the companies gains much loyalty among the consumers and hence increasing the sales and becoming a strong competitor to its counterparts.

Token details

The easy feedback project has a token which goes with the symbol EFT which is based on Ethereum platform & Alastria(Telsius Mainnet) and it can be used for the exchange of products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at a market price. The soft cap for this project is 300,000 USD and hard cap is 67,550,000 USD. The price of each easy feedback token is 0.05USD.

The total supply of EFT is 179,141,000,000. The initial sale allocation of tokens is 1% from 179,141,000,000. The remaining 99% are reserved to reward the customers who send feedback to the companies. The minimum EFTs which can be purchased is 1000 EFT which is for 50 USD. The accepted currencies for the purchase of the EFT are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP, Dollar, Euro.

The bonus of 10% to 40% is given to the users who acquire EFT during the IEO and the bonus on the price of the token given to users depends on the phase at which they buy that tokens.From the total allocation of eft, 75.42%(1,351,000,000 EFT) are allocated for sale, 13.45%(240,900,000 EFT) is for Sale bonus, 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT) is for rewards, 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT) is for lottery draw, 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT) is for advisors, 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT) is for referrals, 0.75%(13,510,000 EFT) is for online store bonus.

The purchasers can also buy tokens on The KYC and AML verification process for the users will be done by the easy feedback team. The EFT holders can exchange the EFT for other cryptocurrencies in the market at P2PB2B and Tokpie exchanges.

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Team Members


In order for anything or anyone to grow and develop further, honest suggestions and viewpoints are required which will shape their corresponding future. In this digital age, we all know that the communication is the key to transform the world and easy feedback token makes it easier for the customers and the companies to communicate and to have a good bonding between them. Easy Feedback is a unique platform designed to reward the people who convey their feedback about the products or services received which are used to improve the company standards. It mainly solves the communication problem between the customers and the companies which is prevailing across the world in many industries and hence creating more reputation among its clients thereby being a strong competitor to its counterparts. For more details, please visit

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