In today’s modern digital world, many are educated and and at the same time they are finding difficult to get a job which matches their own skill sets..Thus nowadays they opt for a freelance job making themselves available as freelancers. The freelancers according to their skill sets, seek job opportunities in the online freelance platforms and getting the payments from the employers wlfornthe work they have accomplished. But in this case there are more distrust and lack of trust and transparency between freelancers and employers. To solve these issues in the freelance marketplace world, this Freelanex platform has been built which is already an emerging platform to ease the work for the employers and the freelancers.

What is Freelanex?

Freelanex is a user friendly decentralised platform based on blockchain technology integrated with programmable smart contracts. This platforms introduces a trustworthy transaction system and employees protection rights for the employers and the freelancers which gives both the parties trust, transparency, satisfaction and long term relationship. This platform is building a world’s largest online workspace environment with complete trust and transparency by connecting the freelance workers and employers thereby providing free employment and the unemployed gets the freelance jobs as per their skills and gets their payment securely and comfortably without any hassle from the employer.

The Freelanex team has built this platform combining many unique elements to form an ecosystem capable of providing security, transparency and trust for the employers and the freelancers thereby also ensuring the rights of both parties. Freelanex offers new solution to the mutual exchange movement ensuring customer security and effective access.

Smart contracts between the freelancers and the employers:

Smart contracts are used according to the rules for the users in the network as well as transactions on the contracts are self executing contracts which protects the rights of all the parties involved in the system. Once the work has been accepted by both the parties, the smart contracts will be created between them which will be recorded within the network in a secure and transparent publicly verifiable manner.
When the buyer starts buying a product from the seller through smart contracts, Freelanex protects the funds required in the buyer’s account. When the product is delivered by the seller, it is examined by the buyer and accepts or makes a decision in terms of transaction to the seller. Once the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred securely to the appropriate accounts. With the use of smart contacts there is no intermediaries and there is a warranty to the users which makes both parties comfortable to work together..


● Freelanex provides trust, transparency, security and satisfaction for freelancers and employers in accomplishing their task.
● This platform is completely user friendly with intelligent and efficient user interface.
● Smart contracts has been used between the employers and the freelancers which gives them authenticity to work together for their respective projects.
● All transactions done between freelancers and the employers are completely secured.
● Any employer and any freelancer from anywhere in the world can connect and communicate through this unique platform which is a prime advantage making this Freelanex platform globalised.
● The transaction charges are less for the users in this platform which is about 8 to 10% compared to other platforms.
● Freelanex platform offers free and paid courses for the users who wish to work as freelancers which makes many interested individuals to learn the skills they are interested through the courses.
● This platform helps to build a strong relationship with the client and the freelancers thereby making them to collaborate and work together for a lifetime.
● All the information mentioned and all the transactions done through This platform are completely reviewed and evaluated for both the parties which gives them trust and transparency.

FLXC token:

It is a unique Cryptocurrency based on smart contracts on the blockchain platform. It allows peer to peer compensation and the payments between the employer and the freelancer. FLXC tokens will be freely transferable with advanced functions. FLXC tokens will be available on multiple Cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin, YoBit, Bittrex, etc. The users will be able to buy and sell the FLXC tokens using fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies.

Token details:

FLXC token allocation:

Allocation of funds:

The entire amount raised through ICO will be allocated to the development of the Freelanex platform.


Team members:


This innovative powerful platform aims to become a leader in the global employment industry and helps the clients and freelancers by providing them strong confidence, trust and transparency in their transactions without any mediators. This platform is already creating a revolution in the freelance marketplace world and any job seekers and freelancers will be able to find the perfect jobs and become independent thereby contributing to their respective country’s economic growth too. For more and latest information, please visit,

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