Since the wave of Internet revolution has taken a dimensional tide towards empowering hardware intelligence by embedding the technological terminals to the devices. It still remains inaccessible to a population due to higher costs and grand use equipment which remains unaffordable and complicated. Internet of Things is considered to be the third revolution information technology after the computers and internet. Enabling the hardware components to stay connected and operated through the internet through various technological indulgence is referred to as the Internet of Things. In crypto space, there are various approaches to IoT using blockchain technology. Taking intelligent hardware as a base, artificial intelligence as core, big data technology as foundation, and blockchain distributed ledger to balance its ecosystem and production factors, a brilliant infrastructure is built in the name of Hawk Network which integrates edge computing, big data and blockchain technology.

What is Hawk Network?

Hawk Network aims in taking the Internet of Things (a.k.a IoT) a concept of combining intelligent hardware with next generation technology such as big data, edge computing and block chain technology and thereby building a new infrastructure with IoT and making it accessible globally through lower costs. It incorporates the advanced technologies and programming models in developing eco friendly enterprises through smart solutions. By innovating the technological scheme and economic model, Hawk Network applies edge computing, user digital identity UID and multiple encryption technology to make devices, users and enterprises unimpeded in Hawk Network, thus ensuring the security of assets and data. Hawk Network refers to the technical infrastructure of the world’s leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things, which integrates edge computing, big data and blockchain technology. In short, Hawk Network uses blockchain technology to empower the traditional Internet of Things, and achieves a new generation of distributed intelligent Internet of Things.

Black Hawk Knight

In order to solve the problems related to commuting and to enhance the daily commute which is mostly a short distance covered by the citizens in their daily life, this project has built a revolutionizing app which is called Black Hawk Knight(BHK). It is the first application on Hawk network which caters the users with decentralised shared electric scooter for a short distance travel in the cities. The BHK which is built on blockchain based technology is a decentralised shared scooter(BHK dApp) mainly aims and serves to connect different intelligent hardware, travel service providers and riders across the cities. The efficiency ratio of BHK is 60% and it’s hardware performance is at best thereby making it a string competitor to its rivalries. BHK is planned to be distributed to 50 countries and other regions across the globe by making it easily available to the citizens in various countries. The BHK intelligent scooter is a super mining device which is riding scooter mining which is primarily built in a sustainable development cause for a better greener world and environment.


● Hawk Network is an enterprise that provides on decentralized intelligent hardware solution using edge computing, big data and block chain Technology to be accessible to a wide population with lower costs.
● Blockchain technology makes the data storage easy and transparency in mining. Since blockchain technology is combined with the new generation Internet of Things, the hardware intelligence and operation,the redundancy, encryption, data storage, accumulation, transparency, verification and security is ensured as a profitable and sustainable business model.
● The system of Internet of Things (IoT) database management brings in severe data storage challenges in various fields. This problem is managed through distributed database technology.
● Hawk Network has a multi-party built-in travel network. An intelligent sharing electric scooter as called Black Hawk Knight which has a low operation costs and competes with the bicycle usage in terms of short distance travel in the city.
● BHK has another advantage of increased frequency of use. The five factors that contributes to the sharing travel platform is unit price, daily usage, maintenance costs, operation cost and vehicle scrap rate. BHK meets also these factors. Bicycles can be used for medium distance travel like traveling from home and subway and going to nearby shops whereas shared electric scooters can be used for more than a medium distance travel such as for dining, for home to office, bank ATM cash withdrawal, pharmacy buying, medicines etc., More than these disadvantages on bicycles which is gender constrained. Electric scooter remains common for all genders.

Hawk Token

HAWK Token is the token name of Hawk Network. It acts as the value exchange medium which can be applied in various scenarios like payment, financing, mortgage, transaction and circulation of distributed Internet of Things.

Token Details

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Hawk Network is preferably a profitable model which in crown has advanced technological powers. When the world is inadequately filled with hardware components that forms an inseparable bond with humans, hardware intelligence is something that impedes and takes the information technology to the new generation. Hawk Network has understood and remains the world’s leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things and will establish it globally. It has already made future adaptive plans for 5G network with whole distributed intelligent IoT which is an add on and no doubt eminence of this project. For more and latest information, please visit,

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