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A unique platform is developed by the iFarming Finance (IFY) which permits anyone to offer liquidity and get IFY tokens reward while maintaining stability in token price and simplified and secure DeFi for everyone. IFY comes with a lot of benefits and plans everything clearly. It has Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining, Profit Management, Governance-Vote, Buy Back and Burn features. Everyone dreams of getting a perfect and best opportunity for growth. Making the right decision at the right time for the right things is the best challenge in life. Get yourself prepared to make profit.


The decentralized finance largest trend comprises IFY: an industry which aims to build instruments of decentralized finance on top of substantial smart-contract-authorized cryptocurrencies. Insurance, decentralized exchanges, cryptography lending and other use cases are available in these instruments. With the continuous fund routing to the best suited portfolio, IFY smart-contract farming provided the greatest and largest yield farming strategies. We have a proven track record by the experienced team- Worked for IBM, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Pinduoduo, NEM, NEO, ByteDance and more.


The features of iFarming are as follows.

Yield Farming

The crypto can be deposited by yield farmers with the help of smart-contract, after that IFarming takes care of everything it helps to acquire the maximum earning of yield in the market.

Mining of Liquidity

Liquidity providers earn standard rewards in addition with bonus IFY reward.

Management of Profits

High risk is involved in crypto investment, but we work hard continuously for building a strategy framework to reduce the risk and adjust distribution of investment liquidity to maintain user highest earning yield.

NFT Trading/Farming

iFarming issues the easy farming with trading or holding the limited edition Non- Fungible tokens (NFT) and air-dropped to the community. In auction or airdrop, users can access NFT. We utilize OpenSea API SDK

Governance (Vote)

Community owns the IFY ecosystem. On any parameter system, users can propose and vote. IFY governance incentivizes the users for keeping the strategy models up-to-date with the support of recent DeFi enhancements.

Buy Back & Burn

In most DeFi projects, the stability of token price is an important concern, For making the price highly stable, simple and secure for the investors, we conclude to buy back and burn IFY.


The token metrics are as follow
contract address IFY: 0x5CD5a1042a9B0656f747E49CD33aAD262Fa04E7D.
Allocation OF IFY.
At genesis, 500,000 IFY have been minted.

Token Metrics

60% community: 300,000 IFY for LP, community,staking reward.
20% investors: 100,000 IFY for presale to early investors.
16% development: 80,000 IFY for marketing and future development.
4% team: 20,000 IFY for team members and workers.


The upcoming events in the following months are as follows


● Airdrop
● Presale
● Release of Whitepaper
● First Marketing Campaign
● Auction of NFT


● Pool of liquidity.
● Depositing assets for yield farming.
● Listing decentralized exchange ( 1 Inch, Balancer, Uniswap etc)
● Listing centralized exchange (LaToken, Gate.io, Hotbit, Crex24, MXC etc)
● Listing token tracker ( CMC.Coingecko etc)
● NFT Farming Farming of NFT


● To improve iFarming service with new strategic partnership.
● Finding solutions for integration of cross-chain.
● To enable first governance voting.
● Buy back & burn.


● New exchange
● Finance Farming Platform Licence Register

2021 MARCH

● Community decides

Listing of First Exchange

On 5th December (+- 5 days), listing of the first exchange is expected to happen.

Starting of Yield Farming

From 10th December (+- 5 days), farmers of yield will start earning.

Starting Liquidity Mining

From 5th December (+- 5 days), providers of liquidity will start earning.


With day one, every good investment initiates, one should grab the opportunity to be an IFY’s early holder and attain all of its DeFi product’s higher potential. It’s the time to purchase DeFi.

Into our presale address, deposit ETH. Utilize erc20 compatible wallet (Myetherwallet, Enjin, Metamask). With your phone camera, you can also scan QR code to use with a mobile wallet (Enjin, Trust Wallet, Guarda).

2000,000 recommended gas limit. Before sending the transaction, you have to go to advanced options and set up the gas limit between 150,000–200,000. There are two different things,

Max supply 500,000
Private-sale 20,000
Pre-sale 80,000
Unsold token Be burned
Phase 1 price 0.004 ETH
Phase 2 price 0.00666 ETH
Phase 3 price 0.01 ETH
Listing price 0.01333 ETH

Transaction fee that can be 50–100 Gwei, and the other is gas limit, that should be minimum 150,000–200,000. Your IFY tokens are sent automatically to your wallet with the confirmed transaction.

Buy IFY in Presale: https://ifarming.finance/presale


There are a lot of benefits from iFarming finance. The team really works hard to reduce risks and assist people for their growth. It gives standard rewards and bonus IFY rewards. It enables users to propose and vote. With day one, every good investment initiates, one should grab the opportunity to be an IFY’s early holder and attain all of its DeFi product’s higher potential. It’s the time to purchase DeFi. IFY is included in the decentralized finance. The experienced team has a proven track record in Tencent, Pinduoduo, Baidu, Alibaba, IBM, ByteDance, NEO, NEM and more. It is effective to start investment in the starting day to be the early IFY holder and receive the maximum potential of DeFi Products.

For more information

Website: http://ifarming.finance/
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5289962.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFarmingFinance
Telegram: https://t.me/ifarming_en

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