As years pass by, music has evolved and changed in every little sense. Replicating music and distributing them is a cake walk these days. Songs are easily accessible as downloads are just a click away! However, sudden ease and accessibility brought along a lot of confusions in the form of blunders in digital rights management, content and monetary issues. Musicians, thus, suffer them ost, irrespective of their fan following, their success, etc. The botton line is, there was an utmost reuirement of justice vis-a-vis — payment for artists, accessibility for music fans and labels getting a fair deal. Thus, was born, Imusify, with a solution.


Imusify is a plaform that amalgamates the best way of online streaming, sharing through media, crowd funding and social networks. Thus, artists, music lovers and professionals associated to the field can interact with one another on a decentralised space. It has a technology that helps to track content flow and manage payouts in a fair manner. Automatic content review happens, helping in finalising ownership and also in preventing fraud as digital identity tracking is used.

Imusify uses several techonologies that belong to NEO Smart Economy, whih inturn sorts problems associated to scalability and security. These give Imusify an upper hand, which inturn -

· Helps in decreasing the number of transactions that need to be validated on the main chain

· Helps in preventing fraud and copyright problems by implementing digital identity and automated content screening solutions

· Helps in revenue genration out of content or ownership/curation or both


Several benefiting characterisctics of Imusify are -

· Aids in consumer-to-creator transactions, artist crowdfunding campaigns and content lisencing protocols

· Provides open source platform to its community

· Helps build connection using imusify’s smart contract system

· Helps estalbish electronic identity to interact, merge or make transactions happen with other users

· Digital identities help secure one’s work and track its life cycle within the music economy

· Reliance on blockchain technology that catapults its user than merey restricting it to creation of digital technlogy

· Usage of smart contracts that enable transactions between users minus the middle man. Smart contracts also help artists towards self-management of their digital assets

· Through several technologies such as P2P and others, the NEO community is able to manage smart assets in an efficient, safe and legal manner.

· Uses NeoVM — Universal Virtual Machine — to ru nthe underlying smart contracts on the main chain

· Uses the NEP-5 Token that acts as a store of value and transaction

· Uses a trustworthy digital identity

· Uses digital assets that are programmable physical assets that are safeguarded by law when registered through a vaidated digital identity

· Tech Stack

IMU(ϑ) Token: NEO NEP5

Smart Contracts: NEO e.g.; Applications: Javascript on Android, iOS and Electron (desktops)

Central Infrastructure: None.

· Crowdfunding engines that enable pumping in money by music lovers for their favourite form of music

· Fair and just payments

· The hub to all music industry aspirants, participants, professionals, etc.THey gather to aid one another in a healthy manner based purely for the love of the art form

· Rewards and given to work that’s worthy

· Acts as a decentralised exchange platform

· Supports co-evolutionary copyright management which has a multilayered protocol that allows art form creators to manage their work

· Uses users persona to categorise user interaction and reards


· Provision of autonomy and better income to artists

· Honest transactions beteen product makers, suppliers and users

· Helps in networkin and collaborating

· Multiple uses of th same platform as app, goods trading centre, icubator, etc.

· Open to innovation and new porudtcs and launches

· Connects technology with music maker, fans and stakeholders. This inturn aids fund raising.

· Has negligible sized direct competitiors

· Combination of technology with a luring business model is a big advantage

· Strongly backed up by the NEO Community

· Confirmed partnership with various third parties enabling usage of their services and tecnologies

· Strong community and core team




David Walters — Chief Executive Officer

· Makes path-breaking, durable and reliabale ecosystems that make better existing functining better and more secure.

· Is also an Entrepreneur and Musician by profession

· Has 10+ years experience in startups, finance and investment

· Working relentlessly on a platform that would open doors of multiple income sources for artists

Tadej Krevh — Chief Technology Officer

· Senior Lead Full Stack Engineer and CTO of two companies

· Possesses 20+ years experience in software development, system design and architecture, cloud infrastructure, scalable and distributed applications and systems integrations

Dina Yedigeyeva — TeliaSonera branch — Senior Finance Officer

· Expert strategic planning, analysis, finance, marketing, customer behavior analysis, and decision making

· Is an entrepreneur and has founded a company

· has more than 15 years of operational experience

Jennie Legary — Apple — Chief Marketing Officer

· Previosuly worked as Apple contractor

· Has world experience in creative projects pertaining to combining music and technology

· Is an artist, who is also an entrepreneur

· Experienced in design, marketing, classical music, real estate, fintech.

· Involved in handling early stage start-ups

Austin Palmer — A&R / Business Development

· Has celebrity management experienced

· Has experience in sports and entertainment fields

· Works alongside DC rapper Shy Glizzyworked in the NHL/ NBA

Dr. Rosemary Fitzgerald — Digital Marketing Manager / NYU

· Professor in New York University for over 15 years

· Teaches Integrated Marketing Master’s Program

· Has developed her own leading Shark Tank panel, Corporate Officer and Partner at Spiderweb Studio, Speaker and panelist for industry events

Gijs Verheijke — Rocket Internet — Business Development

· Investor in Private Equity

· Launched and runs a job classifieds portal for Rocket Internet in Asia.

· Previosuly, was regional CEO of Asia for a reputed firm that was backed by Rocket Internet

Luka Pregelj — Legal & Corporate Affairs

· Experienced Corporate Advisor

· Handled early stage start-ups, blockchain entrepreneurs

· Has knowledge about corporate governance, regulations and operations

· Was former Associate at international law firm, CMS Law & Tax

Marco Aniballi — IOHK Cardano — Product Designer

· Expert technologist, product and program manager.

· Has 25 years world experience in selling, building, designing

Nate Strang — Artist Management

· Is an Entrepreneur, product designer and musician by profssion

· Has knowledge in business, technology and creativity.

Vikas Kalwani — Channel Manager

· Has expertise in channel marketing and digital media

· Focuses on business goals for brands and organizations

· Former co-founder of Mirakee

Basit — Backend and Blockchain Development

· Full-Stack developer and engineer

· Has immense experuience in blockchain technology, smart contracts and distributed app development.

Gianluigi Guida — Attorney

· Practicing attorney (EU and US)

· Holds double Master Degree in Global Business and IT Law

· Has more than 10 years of experience with cross-border commercial/IT transactions

· Has handled early-stage start-ups.

Istvan Balinth — UI/UX Designer

· Holds professional degree in Communication and Public Relations

Web Designer

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac — Developer

· Experienced web and mobile applications developer

· Has 7 years’ with experience making some of the best websites and scalable software applications

· Is Educator and mentor at Google Developer Group Port Harcourt and Sugar Labs; GitLab CE contributor

Eva Preger — Business Development

· Highly experienced in the field of business development, product commercialization and establishing consumer brands

· Been working for 15 years


Jeremy Khoo

Top 10 rated ICO advisor

Elias Tan

NEO Singapore / City of Zion

Anders Larsson

Allcoinwiki / Ericsson

Blockchain Advisor / Top 5 rated ICO advisors

Joakim Holmer

Allcoinwiki / Ericsson


Chris Hager

City of Zion / Red Pulse

Technical Advisor / Top 5 rated ICO advisors

Khaled Verje

Dubset Media

Music Industry Advisor

John Gado

Roc Nation / Legion of Creatives

Music Industry Partner

Marcus Brown Music Industry Partner


Total Token Supply:1,000,000,000 IMU

Softcap: $1,000,000

Hardcap: $25,000,000


(Taken from White Paper on Website )

“This is a pivotal moment for music. Consumption is exploding. Fans are listening to more music than ever before. Consumers have unprecedented opportunities to access the music they love, whenever and wherever they want to do so. But the future is jeopardised by a substantial ‘value gap’ caused by user upload services such as Google’s YouTube that are unfairly siphoning value away from the music community and its artists and songwriters. This situation is not just harming today’s recording artists and songwriters. It threatens the survival of the next generation of creators too, and the viability and the diversity of their work.”

Signed by Thousands of Artists.


(Taken from White Paper on Website )

My name is David Walters, I am the Founder and CEO of imusify. The story of imusify goes way back to when I was an active musician. I began writing songs at the age of 8, recording songs at the age of 14, and signed my first 360 deal (record deal, publishing deal, distribution deal, management and artist deal), released my first singles and LP at 18 and went on tour through multiple countries. Throughout these years I had spent a lot of time and dedication but hadn’t made enough to even cover rent. I had to rethink. I decided to expand and pursue my passion for music production and was lucky enough to find an investor who helped me build a decent recording studio. During this time the internet evolved and Napster entered the markets. Napster was a p2p file sharing platform with which you could download nearly any music title, instantly and for free… Suddenly nobody had to purchase music anymore. It was at the tip of your fingers. The whole industry was paralyzed. Any source of income had quickly dried out and Labels, Publishers, Managers etc. had no other option than to either go broke or reframe their models. This resulted in Labels and Publishers dumping the costs on the artists. Initially it was the Labels responsibility to invest into the production of records but now they no longer accepted artists unless they already had recorded music or a finished product, thus having to spend money for studio time. The artist had to come up for all the expenses up front and this “progression” lead to complete stagnation within the industry and destroyed the careers and lives of many, including mine. I didn’t give up and spent many years struggling to make ends meet. Most of the time barely making it. I had to spend a lot of time doing side jobs just to afford running the recording studio.

During this time a thought continuously evolved in my mind. What if there was an online p2p platform that enabled multiple features which enabled musicians to have multiple streams of income thus decentralizing the centralized structures of the music industry. Why shouldn’t Agency A purchase directly from Composer B? Why shouldn’t Fans purchase directly from the Musicians? A fairly distributed Napster! An online p2p platform could create an automated bridge between all participants. This plan never let go of me. But I had never built a platform before… I had to acquire the skills in order to make this a reality. All of this fed the rebel in me to figure out a solution for musicians to make a decent income.

After 7 years of struggling I decided to take action and joined a fintech startup, thus setting aside my career as a musician. I knew I would join the best with this startup from which I could gather the skills needed in order to execute my plans.

What is the ultimate vision of imusify?

The ultimate vision of imusify is to create an international borderless ecosystem in which fans can directly interact with and financially support artists with the help of our platform and our native cryptocurrency, the “IMU”. The ecosystem consists of the imusify Platform, Musicians, Fans, Labels, Publishers, Managers, Distributors, Retailers and everybody else who loves music. The platform enables Musicians to monetize their works through various features such as p2p streaming, sales of singles, albums, synchronisation licenses and equipment, crowdfunding, copyright management, royalty distribution, rewards-system for on- and off platform interactions, referrals and live-event ticketing, all on the blockchain.

Why does the world need imusify in your personal experience?

Up until now the music industry has done their best to create structures that collect and distribute funds that belong to the content creators and rights holders. Many of these systems were created many decades ago and havent been significantly updated yet. This gave the opportunity to create monopolies that benefited everybody except for the content creators and rights holders. Only a fraction of the money is actually collected and of this only a very small percentage is paid out to the creators. Napster was a good start to decentralize the long held monopoly but it happened uncontrolled thus causing more harm than good. In my opinion, the world needs another disruption, but it needs a strategic approach to make sure that those who actually deserve the money, receive the money.

How will the world be different in 10 years from now if imusify succeeds?

Imagine spending time on the imusify platform and watching your wallet balance increase simply by participating. Imagine being able to use these funds to listen to music or to go to your favorite bands concert thus directly supporting them p2p. Imagine how many undiscovered talents will have a chance to publish their music thus enriching the lives of all. I believe the quality of our musical landscape will heavily increase thanks to decentralisation. We will experience a more diluted and democratically selected repertoire. 4 What makes you and your team qualified to take on the project like this? Most of us have a musical background. I’ve been a musician all my life, Jennie is a professional opera singer, Nate is a music producer, Gijs is a DJ, Luka is a singer, Alina studied music and plays piano, Marc is a singer, Vikas is a singer and composer, GL is a guitarist, Austin and Jonathan are artist managers. We have all experienced the flaws in the music industry first hand and have the determination to fix this is as a first and foremost personal passion. But not only that… we have all acquired skills in managerial positions. The struggle made us become entrepreneurs. Also our advisors have an extensive amount of experience in the music industry.

Why will this project be a success?

This project will be successful because it goes beyond a whitepaper. We have proven that we can execute our plans and that our plans are not just a blurried vision. Our plans are based on first hand experience, thorough research, tested technological solutions, financial calculations, and a deep passion for the product to be realized.


(As stated on website White Paper)

Ownership of IMU(ϑ) tokens does not represent any participation in the capital of the company nor entitles any rights of payment, remuneration, profit distribution or money reward of any kind. Purchase of the IMU tokens does not represent an investment in the company. This Whitepaper has been prepared in good faith to provide a comprehensive overview of the imusify Project and IMU(ϑ) Token Crowdsale and is for informational purposes only. The Whitepaper may be amended in accordance with the development of the imusify platform and its services. Please also note that the imusify project itself may be redesigned/reshaped in future, in case that would be required for any material reasons (including, but not limited to: commercial considerations, technical possibilities, or the need to ensure compliance with any (existing or future) applicable laws and regulations, or any other material reasons). IMU(ϑ) tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any 59 sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction. The contents of this Whitepaper are not a financial promotion. Therefore, none of the contents of this Whitepaper serves as an invitation or inducement to engage in any sort of investment activity. Do not perform any purchase that you can’t afford in the imusify Token Sale. Make sure you read and understand this Whitepaper and TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE imusify TOKEN SALE (including all warnings regarding possible token value, technical, regulatory and any other risks; as well as all disclaimers contained therein), as published on our website (and as they may be amended from time to time).


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  • Technical details and facts are directly taken from website white paper

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