junca Cash — A blockchain project designed to develop the Asian economy


In the Philippines, there is a problem with international remittances.

A total of 10 million people have relocated abroad, and the amount of money sent back to their home countries is increasing 1,000% per year. The Philippines is said to be the world’s largest labour exporter, with one out of every ten Filipinos living abroad. International remittances, such as remittances to domestic families, are on the rise and are expected to reach $100 billion shortly. However, because of the high remittance fees that come with it, the current situation in which funds that should be coming into the Philippines are instead flowing overseas is not only a source of frustration for people but also a major concern for the Philippine government.

But Junca Platform is a project which aims to solve the remittance problem of the Philippines and is putting constant efforts to bring world peace.

Let’s look at Junca Cash

What is Junca Cash?

The Junca platform aims to aid the Asian economy by providing financial services such as international money transfers, foreign currency exchange, crypto-asset exchange, and online/offline payment.

The Junca platform will make it easier for users to give back to society by way of donations and scholarship projects.

The junca platform project will use Blockchain technology, which is expected to u undergo fundamental reforms and innovations in payments, currencies, finance, and other areas to smooth out the Asian economy and distribution.

Bank Remittance
・Remittance procedure is troublesome
・It takes time to complete the remittance
・High remittance fee

Remittance By Blockchain
・Easy remittance procedure
・Doesdodon’t take time to complete the remittance
・Low remittance fee

In addition, to develop Asia’s human resources, the project will encourage efforts to improve human resource value, such as the establishment of educational institutions, vocational training schools, and scholarship programmes.

With their efforts, the Junca platform hopes to bring world peace.

Junca Platform aspires to grow Asia’s economy, and the Junca Group will connect the world under the theme of “beauty.” Junca’s mission is to bring people from all over the world together and to create a world free of
worries and peace.

How Junca uses blockchains?

Junca Platform uses the blockchain in the following two meaningful ways :

1: International Remittance
By junca platform, the mobility of Holder, bank, remitter and money exchange are planned to provide new competitive international money remittance services.
Access — Connectivity By Infrastructure
Speed — Immediate Settlement
Certainty — Effective Tracking Payment
Cost — Reduction Of Operation Cost

2: Development of Human Resources
Using a human resource development system based on blockchain technology, Junca will evolve and revolutionise. They’ll use “junca certificate” as an example, which is based on “high quality.”Furthermore, they can reduce intermediary costs by incorporating digital certification, multistage authentication, unit identification, and transfer of units, as well as protecting data such as grades and diplomas from tampering. Completing educational contracts and deposit certificates would be made possible by incorporating smart contracts, as would constructing an intelligent trading system for economic education and resolving issues in the education industry. It also aids in the preservation of the environment. It also helps to preserve and deliver educational data that can be used as a reference for a variety of learning experiences. The junca project’s educational institute would collaborate with a global organisation to obtain a skilled resource of talented people that would be available to countries all over the world. The project intends to use blockchain technology to create a management system and ecosystem.

Future Plans

The junca Global group of companies works closely with Philippine government agencies and financial institutions to promote the economic opening and development of the Philippines and Asia.

● To engage in, conduct and carry on the business of acquisition of RuralBank.

● To make money by taking in deposits and lending them out for profit using interest income.

● To put up Company’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) into a wall of the bank and other buildings which allows people to take out the money in any currency anytime.

● To receive and release any kinds of Cryptocurrency Coins, buying, selling, distributing and marketing at wholesale and retail in so far as may be permitted by law.

● To enter into digital banking of Multi-Currency Exchange and Trading, sending and receiving remittances both local and abroad and conversion of CryptoCurrency to Multi-Currency all over the world.

● To function, operate, accommodate and transact Initial Coin Offering(ICO).

● To put up Company’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) into a wall of the bank and other buildings which allows people to take out the money in any currency anytime.

● To function as a non-banking institution and to enter into all kinds of contracts, merchant of all kinds of services, acquisition of property whether natural or artificial in so far as may be permitted and governed by Philippine Law.

Why Junca Cash?

Junca Cash has a big difference from other crypto assets like Bitcoin. It’s a critical way to fit the Philippines economy because it has many useful logistics, based on local needs. Use case of junca Cash will provide features stated below;

● Settlement
● Domestic remittance
● Special benefits at all junca Group member stores and franchise stores
● Donations to funds and scholarships, etc.
● International remittances for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
● Foreign currency exchange
● Exchange of crypto asset and fiat
● ATM (International and domestic remittance, Withdrawal, Deposit)


The junca platform enables domestic and international remittances, exchanges, and payments at ATMs, cards, wallet services, and other locations while lowering fees. The project believes this will be a significant step toward improving the lives of people in Asia, particularly in the Philippines.


The app allows you to manage and control your deposits and withdrawals. There’s no need to insert your card because the app connects to the ATM. This is the dawn of a new era of security, functionality, and usability.

EC site

You will be able to shop and pay at juncagroup’s shopping sites as well as other junca platform-affiliated shopping sites.


Users can donate to junca platform-supported programmes that help people all over the world. You can use the app to participate on the spot.

Internet bank

You can use the app to do things like money transfers, transfers, and balance inquiries that you used to do at your bank’s ATM. In the same app, you’ll be able to accept a legal tender for banking services and make deposits and withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency exchange

This is juncaplatform’s cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade BTC and other major cryptocurrencies. The jcc will be the exchange’s base currency. The exchange will also issue Filipino pen-themed staple coins.

Credit card

This credit card is issued to users of junca platforms. It can be used in any shop in the world. You will be able to manage your card and history on the app.

Education support

You will be able to get help with your tuition fees to attend a vocational training school in South East Asia on our app.


This is a cashless store payment system for junca platform users. The system will be available in many shops in the future.

These have already begun and will be realized in recent years!

junca Global Annual Profit Plan

Where to buy juncacash?

You can buy juncacash from exchanges or member groups directly.

● Centralized exchanges
A cryptocurrency exchange is a place like a “stock exchange” where people who want to sell and buy virtual currency gather and trade individually.

● Buy directly
You can purchase directly from the junca group which manages juncacash. If you wish to purchase, please contact us using the form below. Jcc will be sent to the wallet of your choice.


● 2019/08
IEO has been decided at a major exchange. Scheduled to sell 65 million tokens at IEO.
• 50% lock-up (for 6 months)
• Start selling for 20 PHP
• Listing price is 25 PHP

Procurement target
Soft cap: 18 million USD in June 2020
Hard cap: 90 million USD in December 2020

Sales begin with an exchange that has 6 million members and a turnover of ¥ 8.6 billion per day.

● 2019/09
Sharing common understanding with the Philippine Government.

● 2019/10
Partnership with Funkey Holdings
The partnership agreement was reached with the Korean company concerning
ATM-based cryptocurrency technology.
Official Agreement is reached

ATM Arrived

Dr Nagatome was interviewed
by RP1 and explained about the ATM.
Broadcasting by RP (National Internet and Radio)
Fintech and Crypto Service launching

● 2019/11
Title: “Japanese investor hopes To Change Remittance Sector” Article on Sunday Business

junca Project broadcasted on Government TV Channel 2019. 11 Broadcasting on PTV4

● 2020/01
Making speeches at the junca Platform and junca Cash to make Filipino life more affluent and get a great response
Kavanagh Task Force conference speech

● 2020/03
Philippine presidential office
A presidential secretary who acts as a liaison between the Senate and the House of Representatives and who is in charge of registration Lawyer SITOY formally partnering with Task Force Kazan

● 2020/02
Government MMDA
General Manager Mr Jojo Garcia and MMDA HeadOffice met to discuss their collaboration with the junca Platform and secure the junca Platform PR cooperation through MMDA.

● 2020/02
Press Conference
help the Asian economy I was able to understand and sympathize with the junca Project.

From now on, a system has been established in which trusted media companies can
cooperate in PR

Philippine Parliamentary Hall
Discussions proceeded mainly on the junca Platform marketing for future OFW.

PR on Philippine national television
It was a good opportunity for the information on the junca Project to be broadcast throughout the Philippines via government broadcasting.

WBFex IEO 2/20 &2/21(Start 17:00)

● 2020/03
Partnership agreement with ACTS
A partnership agreement with the OFW
Administrators’ Group.
Partnership agreement with Golden Globe annual Award
A partnership agreement with the management company of the Golden Globe Award, Philippines’ most prestigious corporate award.

● 2020/07
WBFex Listing 7/15
Performance since listing on WBFex from 7/15 to 7/31
The initial price was 0.51USD.
The highest price is 40USD.

● 2020/08
BiKiex Listing 8/19

● 2021/04
In a British professional journal, the junca Platform Project has been featured. 4/19

● 2021/05
Once again, the junca Platform Project has been featured in the UK professional magazine.

● 2021/06
Partnership agreement with Pantera ICO 6/12

● 2021/07
Partnership agreement with P2PB2B and Listing 7/5
Partnership agreement with Pantera ICO 6/12
Partnership agreement with CryptoTower 7/3


Hisayuki Nagatome
Junca Group Company — Chief Executive Officer
Doctor of humanity Director / Consultant / Hair Master
He advocated the concept of beauty called “Be Right and Honest” — junca. Lead the world to Be Right and Honest.

Princess nur mahal Hiram
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of JUNCA Phil.
National Vice President of ACCW (Anti-Crime Community Watch) (NGO), a community organization in the campaign against crime.

Park, Hyun-Kyu
Entertainment Dept. Chief Entertainment Officer


Ryan Park
Concept Director

Yoshiyuki Hirota
Trademark designer/Art Director


This project appears to be promising in terms of examining and resolving real-world issues such as the Philippines Remittance Problem, as well as bringing about significant changes in the global economy and charitable programmes. The project has a bright future ahead of it, and the way it has been managed thus far has been commendable. It’s for a good cause!

For more information

Website: https://junca-cash.world/
Whitepaper: https://junca-cash.world/junca_platform_WP.pdf
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5372429.0
Telegram: https://t.me/juncafangroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JCC78549683
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juncacash
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/misander
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChKl_Fo9ZX5c_dyUOKofeLQ

Written by

K. Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: : @siva1978
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2373654




Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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