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Several emerging megatrends in the banking sector informed the importance of the sector’s digitization over the last year. The need for a banking digital infrastructure has grown in importance as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, which acted as a catalyst and major force in accelerating digital adoption.

The cryptocurrency market has proven to be one of the most dynamic, with users, corporations, and governments adopting it at an ever-increasing rate.

A sharp increase in crypto adoption in just 2021 signalled a market with a lot of potentials. The maturity of the cryptocurrency market, as well as the direction that banks are being forced to take. The necessity of combining the two worlds becomes more apparent. The demand for contactless technologies and digital expertise as an alternative to traditional banking has shifted. Furthermore, cryptocurrency use is now appreciated with many banks no longer viewing cryptocurrency as a means of payment for criminals. Instead, banks have begun to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their larger strategies to increase revenue while also assisting their customers.

Traditional banking has high transaction cost with a poorly low transaction fee because of which cryptocurrency was invented and thus adopted. But it has its problematic issues like

● Lack of market regulations
● Low market liquidity
● Insecure platforms
● Bad User Experience
● Complexity

All these problems can be solved with Kyrrex!

What is KYRREX

Kyrrex is the first global digital bank, disrupting traditional banking and connecting it to cryptocurrency trading. It is easier than ever to exchange fiat currencies against digital assets and vice versa only through a single platform. Kyrrex, as a global investing, payment, and financial ecosystem, bridges the gap between banking and cryptocurrency by offering a comprehensive set of products and services to anyone, anywhere.

By using the Kyrrex ecosystem, you can create a sophisticated solution. The ecosystem transforms the global market as a single mechanism by consolidating the latest achievements in the financial field and cryptocurrency.

Kyrrex realizes the demand for all-in-one solutions and is committed to transforming the young market of cryptocurrencies with the experience, professional tools and mechanisms of the traditional market, translated into the online environment.

Kyrrex Vision

The world`s first global digital bank, disrupting the traditional financial world and connecting it with online finance and cryptocurrency trading.

Kyrrex Mission

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Kyrrex is positioned to become an industry world leader. The mission is to create a global system of financial products without geographical, legal, and time boundaries, accessible by anyone from everywhere.

Let’s look at how problems of the global market can be solved through Kyrrex!

● High Liquidity

Kyrrex ecosystem includes a highly liquid exchange ensuring that users can buy and sell digital assets easily and cost-effectively. By providing the best spreads on the market, users can fully comfortably enjoy offerings.

● Low Trading Fees

Kyrrex provides its users with one of the lowest trading fees in the industry, which can go even lower through the use of the native KRRX token. The project also aims to mitigate the impact of traditional finance on the end-users by ensuring that there will be a 0% commission on all transfers made within the ecosystem. It will also be subject to both parties of the trades agreeing to the conditions of the trade.

● High Performance

Kyrrex helps its users to make transactions with digital funds easily and quickly by its ultra-fast core productivity that performs over 1.5 million transactions per second on each crypto asset. The high order processing speed allows instant transfers of cryptocurrencies as the procedure of coin exchange doesn’t take more than a few seconds. In comparison, the average speed for buying or selling any amount of crypto across exchanges is around 30 minutes.

● Security

The project is committed to keeping its user’s personal information safe. The project has developed several layers of protection, utilising the most reliable and effective security technologies to safeguard your funds by storing them on multiple servers and accounts and encrypting the database. This prevents your data from being accidentally lost, misused, accessed in an unauthorised manner, altered, or disclosed by implementing appropriate security measures.

● User-Friendly Interface

The experience of users is considered extremely important. Their goal is to make all operations simple, efficient, and enjoyable by utilising cutting-edge, user-friendly interfaces. Users will be able to determine which functionalities are important to them and take full advantage of the Kyrrex professional platform thanks to the comprehensive coverage of products and provided services


It’s time to start your crypto journey working with the most trustful crypto-trading platform


Kyrrex obtained a Class 4 virtual Finance asset (VFA) Licence from the Malta Financial service authority (MFSA) and an Estonian license of financial services, providing a virtual currency service of the Estonian financial intelligence unit. It proves the company’s reputation as a reliable partner in cryptocurrency matters.


The project has the best spreads on the market that you will be comfortable working with. The projects boats of standing against high slippage periods, consistently improving the trading platform.


Securing your funds is the main priority here. It has several levels of protection using the most reliable and effective security technologies.

Ultra-fast core

Kyrrex Ultra-Fast Core productivity is over 1,5 million transactions in a second on each crypto-asset including clearing and trading instruments

Advanced trading instruments

You can customize Order Panel, WatchList, Navigation, and many other addons. The project has more than 60 popular technical analysis indicators and professional graphic features for improving your trading experience.


Kyrrex provides the best API trading experience on the market. The project offers various ways to connect through popular API protocols such as REST, WebSocket, and FIX for algorithmic traders with customized programs.


● All-in-one crypto platform
● World’s first global digital bank with crypto and fiat exchange
● 177 currencies in which clients can make payments / Popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, and Monero, can be traded
● SWIFT(BIC), SEPA, VISA/MC deposits and withdrawals
● Send funds directly to credit and debit cards of other banks
● High rate of processing orders (1.5M operations per second for each trading instrument)
● High level of security based on hybrid cryptographic encryption methods
● Low trading fees
● Deep pool of liquidity
● Up to 14.5% APY with KRRX token
● Integrated web and mobile wallets
● 24/7 online customer support
● Class 4 VFA License by the Malta Financial Services Authority


The comprehensive ecosystem offers a disruptive financial model to the market, which includes the integration of digital banking services and the ability to transact in over 177 currencies. By linking and interconnecting cryptocurrency markets with traditional finance markets, the project takes a holistic approach to addressing market gaps and limitations. The ecosystem is the first step in the evolution of payments, trading, and finance, presenting new opportunities for both retail and institutional players through previously unseen flexibility and convenience for all users. Through advanced trading and custody technology, the ecosystem allows for a one-stop-shop experience.


Coming soon


KRRX token is Kyrrex`s own native ecosystem utility token with various use cases across all products and features available on the platform. It also provides exclusive benefits to all KRRX holders.

Token Ticker: KRRX
Token Name: KRRX coin
Asset Type: Token
Protocol: TRON (TRC-20 standard)
Total Emission: 500,000,000
Token Price: 1 KRRX = 1$

Token Burn: Part of the tokens received as commissions will be burnt every quarter. The disposal will be performed on up to 50% of the issued tokens.

Token Features

1. Trading Commissions

The higher the number of staked KRRX tokens, the higher the discount that users receive on all of their trades.

2. Social Trading ( Expected In Q1 2022)

Users will be able to subscribe to and follow other traders once the Trade Ideas feature is launched. This service will have a set price that can’t be changed and can either be paid in fiat, cryptocurrency, or KRRX tokens. After you’ve made your payment, The entire monthly fee is paid to the trader by the user who follows them in the respective currency.

3. Multi-Account Management (Expected in Q1 2022)

After the launch of the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) service, investors, who agree to pay the fee on the profit they made in KRRX tokens will be able to receive a 10% discount on the amount on the payment for the services of a manager (trader). Managers (traders) who agree to accept a reward from investors in KRRX tokens will receive an additional bonus of 10% from the investor’s reward.

4. Referral Program ( Expected in Q1 2022)

Kyrrex Referral Program not only encourages users to stake their KRRX holding and refer new users to the Kyrrex ecosystem. It also provides a secret bonus that will be available once the user manages to attract at least 3 users.

5. Online Banking ( Expected in Q4 2022)

● Up to 20% cashback for in-app purchases;
● Up to 3% cashback for card transactions;
● Discounts and increased cashback in partner stores using Kyrrex crypto merchant when paying for goods with KRRX token;
● Receive 20 KRRX tokens for each new user who has installed the banking application using your referral link;
● Payment widgets.

6. Bonus Program

Each user has the opportunity to receive additional bonuses for using the Kyrrex crypto exchange.
● Users who have successfully passed verification on the exchange will be credited with 20 KRRX tokens.
● First-time deposits of value equal or surpassing $500 on the Kyrrex exchange will be credited with additional tokens.


Token distribution among participants:

50% of the issued tokens will be released on the market in three separate public rounds among potential buyers of the KRRX token.

20% of the issued tokens will go towards covering operational needs; preemptive right to buy back tokens by the team.

30% of the issued tokens will be locked for 4 years; part of the tokens will be released on regular intervals of 6 months and will be available on the platform; No more than 1/5 of the original amount will be released at each interval.

Use of Collected Funds:

45% development of the ecosystem products.
35% marketing;
10% legal support for obtaining new licenses in various regions.
10% insurance fund; will be used to cover costs in force majeure situations.



Kyrrex’s team combines a group of visionary entrepreneurs and technical geeks from Europe with talented minds in finance and technologies from the United States.

Board Members

Team Member


Kyrrex appears to be a very forward-thinking project. It examines all of the issues that we have in the cryptocurrency market as well as the traditional banking system. The token appears to have a lot of potential for high returns. As a result, this is something that should be investigated!

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