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As we can see that the technology is developing at the speed of light, two decades ago we did not know about mobile phones and now we have seen smartphones from keypads with a rate of rapid growth. We live in the era of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Over time, more and more people are adopting blockchain systems, larger companies are funding these systems, and new improvements and updates are coming to cryptocurrency. Having such a blockchain comes with great functionality!


1. Conversion of land titles into non-fungible tokens (NFT) allow easy transaction monitoring and process to use them as collateral.
2. The Landing platform incorporates data from both spatial and unloaded data, including data connected to land location, in the neighbourhood and visuals via oracles integrated into the chain.
3. Use of Decentralized Financing Principles (CHF) The Holder of the Digital Assets may participate in global real estate projects with active returns and security of the Terrestrial Guarantee.
4. LABOUR uses an operational model involving special vehicles with objectives (SPV) domiciled in each of the operating markets. This ensures that the borrowing process and the management of guarantees take place within the legal framework of competence.

Why LandOrc?

Investors should go into this as a large portion of digital asset owners is looking for long term returns, which is reflected in 99% of Ethereum wallets that are not invested in higher risk Defi transactions. Investors who have the opportunity to enter the global real estate industry from a single platform receive attractive deposit rewards and land as collateral. With all transactions on the Blockchain, owners of digital assets enjoy transparency and security.


Landor’s tech stack is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with three special tokens in action.



Q2 2021



The blockchain behind LandNFT that ensures the security of the property has potential for wider use beyond the simple digitization of land ownership. LandNFT can provide faster and more transparent vehicles and capacity for transactions such as the sale and purchase of assets. LandOrc aspires to be a super-platform consisting of a single point of Digital Contact Integration for land and/or real estate transactions as well as LandNFT authentication synchronization of properties (including digital signature to authenticating the transfer of ownership) with the corresponding database of the land registry. With this, LandOrc strives to transform and deliver more effective solutions to transactional, land management and legislative issues in the real industry, on a global scale. So with this, I conclude that LandOracles is something for the future and can bring innovations in real estate and also in blockchains.

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