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In New era of financial equality, transparency and fair business practices, Markaccy are ushering and creating unique value for end users. It connects the diverse sector users on block chain platforms to grow profitable relationships which in turn cut off the interruptions from intermediaries, discrepancies, agencies, fraud and needless errors. It’s a trust based system which solves the problem with reliability and speed and guarantees the optimal use of resources to achieve desired profitability. It is geared through a blockchain network towards a digital economy and all end users are provided with privacy, equality and financial fairness. It aims to become a major global driver of block chain technology in the next 5 years and facilitates several short term projects for offering services and products.

The Need of Markaccy MarketPlace


When compared to their competitors it offers lower costs and uses MKYC Token to do the functions very strictly. It has set a transparent flat rate of only 5% for all transactions made on the platform.
● Large Market Access.
● It uses a first rate service search algorithm.
● Setup of unique service page.
● Prompt payment.
● Lower charges, costs and expenses.
● Good 24/7 support system.

Ethereum (ERC20)


To build and run without any downtime or interference, distributed applications and smart contracts are enabled. Utility coins are defined as
● The network is accessible by the token holders.
● And users can take advantage of the network.

MARKETPLACE OF MARKACCY: Buyers and sellers connect safely for the business needs transactions with a freelance platform “Markaccy Marketplace”.

WALLET OF MARKACCY: Their end users can purchase, store, send and receive Crypto Currencies with the Markaccy Wallet.

MAINNET: In open distributed ledgers, Markaccy Mainnet- our enhanced block chain network has the capability to advertise and store the transactions. It helps us with the component technologies to offer cross functional solutions to diverse problems.

SELF MINING OF MARKACCY: By simply depositing and storing Markaccy in their wallet, users can earn a bonus of a total 10% MKCY Token with the support of an automated self mining system of markaccy.

Acquisition of Markaccy




● Smart Contracts: Without third party intermediaries — Legal Practitioners, Markaccy Smart Contracts will drive transactions and agreements between two or more people or groups on our platform. It’s open ledger agreements and transaction runs in the computer code format and processed on our block chain network and stored on the unchangeable database. It has formed the digital chain linking all the Mainnet transactions.

● Digital Health Systems: For the global end users, the health agencies, hospitals and allied health practitioners deliver fast treatment and store crucial data. The electronic stored data will promote better healthcare for patients, ensure ground breaking research by clinical researchers in the health sector, and even ensure patients are in better control of their data.

● Decentralised Finance (DeFi): By using the phones at lower costs, we get access to the app, a plug-and-play decentralised app which enables end-users to access financial services. The DeFi platform will also drive alternate crypto transactions exchangeable with the Markaccy token, and will strongly connect our digital currency platform.

● Markaccy Marketplace: The business transactions make the Mainnet platform to exchange between two or more people. The Virtual Reality (VR) incorporation is accommodated by current prototypes for creating a global end-users experience. End-users can go as far as creating avatars that represent them, and also trade and transact businesses using these avatars.

● Digital Currency (Cryptocurrency): The Markaccy is currently selling at a static price of $0.02 (pre-sale) and used to hold short term and long term investments. The global end users value of holding is protected by the strategic listings on target crypto stock exchanges.

● Smart Consulting: On your platform, Neural Networks and Machine Learning are incorporated. The consultant relevance is not eliminated on the platform, but augments it and saves end users resources and time. Smart Consulting will be powered by consulting services and smart contracts and payable by cryptocurrencies.

● Data Privacy: Data shared and transferred on our Mainnet is strongly protected. This is achieved by allowing our global end-users to control their own data, preventing third party intermediaries from obtaining and misusing the data. It also provides secure channels through which this data can be transferred.

● Government Regulation: By closely working with government agencies, it determines the way for ensuring the laid down regulation to end-users. The important sector is at the time of voting elections for ensuring electoral process transparency by storing the end-users votes and counting votes against the voter data.

● Digital Music: Musicians are greatly benefited from Markaccy. The network helps the musician to get the financial and material support for reaching a huge audience and fans for getting better earnings. Only the artist’s works are shared and gives prospective artists help to match the similar consumer/fan preferences.

● Energy: Markaccy is prototyping Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trade and Internet of Things. Using a decentralised energy data platform and smart utility metering system value be created. By using the end-users energy, smart meters will communicate information to the users and to the energy companies and all the records can be accessed by both parties. Decentralized energy data platforms store the end-users energy data and decentralized marketplaces host the energy trade.

Markaccy Services Platform Marketplace Benefits

Road Map

● 2020- Q1: Development of Tokens.
● 2020- Q2: Completion of Tokens.
● 2020- Q1/Q2: Social Media & Communications Launch.
● 2020- Q2: Whitepaper Launch.
● 2020- Q2: Pre-Sale Initiated- June 20th- 7M Tokens at $0.02 Cents.
● 2020- Q2: After Pre-Sale follows an Airdrop Rollout.
● 2020- Q3: Pre-Sale Completed.
● 2020- Q3/Q4: Launch of Public Coin (IEO).
● 2020- Q3/Q4: Testing of MarketPlace Private Beta.
● 2020 Q4 / 2021 Q1: Launch on Exchange.
● 2020 Q4 / 2021Q1: Launch of Markaccy Market Place.
● 2020 Q4 / 2021 Q1: Launch of Referral Program.
● 2021- Q2 / Q3: Wallet Development.
● ESTIMATED 2021- Q4: Markaccy Exchange Development- Development is followed after Markaccy wallet launch.
● ESTIMATED 2021- Q4: Development of Self Mining- Development is followed after Markaccy wallet launch.
● Development of Markaccy Mainnet: After the Markaccy Exchange and Markaccy Self- Mining launch, development is followed.

Distribution of Tokens

Token Distribution

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