MICHI — A fair universal currency for the people


In the last year, the market for DeFi projects has grown. People can now lock their tokens for a certain period of time, making it easier to make money. Or it appeared to be simple. People who arrived late are simply displaced by others who arrived early. People with limited experience, especially in the current market environment, are readily lured to invest in anything where the price is already higher than the actual value. This is due to the token’s inevitability of a value bubble, which will inevitably bust, resulting in a price crash. While the DeFi concept is fantastic, there are still better options. And in this article, one such money, which will be universal, fair and community driven.

That currency is MICHI!

What is Michi?

MICHI is the sole cryptocurrency of its sort, having been launched in May 2021. MICHI is a fully decentralized project that aims to bring Michi anders’ popular business and cryptocurrency principles to the masses in one simple endeavour. Michael Sander created the company.

Who is Michael Sander?

Michael “Michi” Sander. This name has stood for competence, success and coaching worldwide for many years. He has now shared the latter with more than a million people. The gifted full-blooded entrepreneur and speaker, who has spoken as the keynote speaker at more than a thousand meetings around the world, doesn’t just put his finger in the wound to wake people up. He brought all of his experience, which he had gained from over 160 firm start-ups and executive positions in the direct sales industry around the world. His media company, for example, was one of the first to publish multilingual publications online at the dawn of the digital age. This led to another lucrative business venture for Michi Sander, namely a media and consulting agency that develops business concepts for globally active and established direct sales companies. These services were used by over 100 companies all across the world. Today, several of them are major players.

Michi Sander is now bridging the gap with his own BEP20 coin, which will help individuals looking to reach their first million. This is the final, important step, with which everyone may now participate in Michi Sander’s success, in addition to multiple book publications in 2021, his own online academy, and a joint venture with a global corporation in the field of Baccarat Staking. Giving is more pleasant than receiving, and this is a terrific decision that demonstrates how vital social commitment is to the father of three.

Michi Sander is exactly that. He is a Las Vegas-based serial entrepreneur and professional advanced gambler. MICHI tokens can be used on a variety of platforms.

Why Michi?

Michi $ander and his global community are the driving force behind MICHI. This community is made up of dedicated individuals who are driven to create a better future by becoming entrepreneurs. Everyone in our community shares a same goal: to be a part of this steadfast and truthful movement. As a devoted partner of this community, you can become a part of this movement and benefit from not only increased revenues but also exclusive advantages.



Transparency will be there for holders so they can stay current and informed with every step of $MICHI’s growth.


MICHI intends to be in the game for the long run. Michi Sander has been a business owner for about 32 years. His intentions are for long-term ecosystem growth that will result in a profitable investment that will outlast any ephemeral fads.


$MICHI is ultimately owned by the community, which means we promote collaborative efforts in marketing, development, community administration, and other areas. $MICHI is a community-based effort for funding. As a result, it relies heavily on community volunteers and donations. Michi Sander continues to accept $MICHI in his enterprises, with 10% of every $MICHI volume going to the official fund wallet.


$MICHI is an BEP20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain May 12, 2021. The max supply is 1 billion and key functionality is its partnership with Michi Sander and his businesses. That means MICHI can be used for payments from day 1 in any of Michi Sanders businesses.
Type: BEP-20
Symbol: $MICH
Total Supply: 1 Billion $MICHI


May 12, 2021

PHASE 1 — Launch

• 100 Holders
• Website Launch
• CoinGecko Listing
• 200 Telegram Members
• Community Marketing Fund
• Marketing Campaign
• CoinMarketCap Listing
• 500 Holders

Phase 2 — Growth

• 500 Telegram Members
• Website Redesign
• 1000 Holders
• 1,000 Telegram Members
• 2,000 Holders

Phase 3 — Expansion

• MICHI Swap (Decentralized Exchange)
• Initial CEX Listings (Hotbit, Bilaxy, CoinTiger)
• 1,500 Telegram Members
• 3,000 Holders

Phase 4 — Utility

• MICHI sWag (Merchandise Store)
• 3 More CEX Listings
• 5,000 Telegram Members
• 10,000 Holders
• Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Raised Funds

There will be transparency in utility of funds. Funds contributed by MICHI community will go towards three things:
● Marketing
Hiring social media influencers, digital advertising, real-world promotions.
● Exchange Listing
Increasing the reach by listing on new exchanges to reach new audiences.
● Product Development
Executing the plannedroadmap and expanding the $MICHI ecosystem. These three things will grow $MICHI, the community and thus the community members


Overall, this is a fantastic and original piece of work! This is considerably superior to and undervalued in comparison to the fanfare made by Defi. This project isn’t only about money; it’s about strong ideals like honesty and loyalty, as well as the good of the community and the people. It is a money that will be equitable to everyone. You have the ability to STORE, TRANSFER, and TRADE!

For more information

Website: https://michisander.com/
Whitepaper: https://michisander.com/assets/pdf/Michi_Whitepaper.pdf
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5359608.0
Telegram: https://t.me/michisandertoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michisanderfanpage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/michi_sander
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/misander
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michisander

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K. Siva Arulmani
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