The age of cryptocurrencies has arrived!

People that are adopting virtual currencies and blockchain technology today, in my opinion, are still in the early stages. Cryptocurrencies are now backed by tech titans and billionaires, as we can see. Although some individuals, governments, and particularly banks are focused on the negative aspects, many individuals and countries are adopting and seeking laws.

The main disadvantage of fiat currency is how controlled the financial system becomes, as well as the savings devouring inflation! And it was because of this entire concept that Bitcoin, the King Of Cryptocurrency, was born!

Let’s take a look at Moorex, which pioneered a new sort of Decentralized Protocol.

What is Moorex?

Moorex was created to revolutionise decentralisation, educate the general public about cryptocurrency, and have a global impact on company owners. Moorex is more than a DeFi, it is the decentralisation and cryptocurrency of the future. With tokenomics and an ecosystem that rewards its holders and community, the Moorex protocol is designed to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Moorex is a multi-chain token with a community focus that aims to bring openness and anonymity to philanthropy/charity in the financial sector.

Why Moorex?

Following are the features because of which you should choose Moorex!

● Automated
Moorex uses smart contracts to automate reward distributions to token holders and send funds to the charity wallet.

● Multi-Chain
The most popular blockchains are Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain so Moorex is a multi-chain token built on Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain to improve usability and accessibility for users.

● Transparency
Transparency is an element that is so important and makes any platform, token reliable and authentic. The Moorex platform makes use of blockchain technology to ensure that the charity process is reliable and transparent.


Automatic Reward is an enchanting feature of Moorex!

This is a great way through which Moorex holders can earn the benefits automatically. Each holder of Moorex token will receive tokens passively, which comes from the 1%transaction tax. The more people trade Moorex tokens, the more rewards you will receive. This encourages users to put Moorex tokens in circulation, ultimately benefiting all holders.



Moorex is a decentralised exchange that allows users to trade their BEP-20 tokens for other tokens while maintaining full custody of their assets. Moorex is a Binance Smart Chain decentralised automated market maker (AMM). Moorex tokens are awarded to those who create liquidity and stake inside the ecosystem.

Moorex will also host a crypto lottery, where participants can win weekly prizes. You’ll also be able to stake Moorex and receive Moorova awards, the Moorex Exchange’s governance token.

Defi Grants

Through the Moorex Token, the Moorex protocol intends to provide DeFi awards. To ensure that the charity process is reliable and transparent, the site employs blockchain technology. Moorex ensures that payments are sent directly to the company owners without any intermediaries, bringing accountability to the donations made from the network fee incurred on transactions to make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

The charity wallet address for the MOOR token can be found on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain explorers to ensure that the funds were delivered to the intended party and serve as proof of receipt. Furthermore, compared to a traditional philanthropic organisation, blockchain works at a very minimal cost. As a result, more money is directed to the correct recipient.

To get funds from Moorex, verified business owners must submit applications and meet certain criteria. Applicants must own a particular quantity of Moorex tokens, participate in the Moorex community, and submit a business plan for their new or existing firm.


Token symbol: MOOR
Token Network: ERC-20 and BEP-20 token
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Max Supply: 100,000,000,000
Starting price: $0.003


2% network fee on all trades

Moorex Token has a maximum supply of 100 billion on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. A 1% transaction tax is distributed among all holders, which means everyone that holds Moorex Token will receive a never-ending cycle of passive income. Another 1% goes to the charity wallet for business grants.

There is no pre-sale for this token because the team wanted to give everyone a chance to be early buyers of the Moorex Token. Instead, there is a stealth launch, with no paid advertising or marketing before launch


● Phase 1
Moorex, LLC formed
Website Launched
Contract Deployment
Listed on Uniswap
Locked Liquidity
White paper Launched
Upgraded to Multi-chain token
Listed on Pancakeswap
Moorex Crypto Wallet
Moorex Exchange Launched

● Phase 2
Smart Contract Audit
Establish partnerships
1000 Token Holders
Coingecko Listing
Coinmarketcap Listing
1000 Wallet Holders

● Phase 3
Centralized Exchange Listing
5000 Token Holders
5000 Wallet Holders
Celtic Audit
Trust Wallet Integration
Expand through marketing and advertising
Start NFT and Metaverse
Game Development

● Phase 4
Tier 1 Exchange Listing
Upgrade Exchange and Wallet
10,000 Token Holders
10,000 Wallet Holders
Launch NFT and Metaverse Game
Further Development
More to be announced



Mr Johnson has worked in the IT, marketing, app development, and music industries for over ten years. He has initiated and directed programmes involving individuals and groups from all around the world. He continues to oversee some of his businesses while also contributing to the Moorex team’s design and architecture of the Moorex protocol.


Moorex stands out from its peers and competitors because of its transparency, defi grants, and automatic incentives system. Furthermore, when we consider charity, tokenomics are beneficial. It is more accessible for people to have the option of Multi chains. The Roadmap is well-thought-out, and I am confident that the project will set a new standard for decentralised finance!

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Written by

K. Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: : @siva1978
Bitcointalk profile URL:;u=2373654




Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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