Originate Coin: New Cryptocurrency enters Blockchain Market


The world was introduced to the concept of cryptocurrency with the creation of Bitcoin in 2008. Powered by blockchain network technology, cryptocurrencies offer a safe and secure network for financial transactions and are believed to be a viable replacement to traditional financial systems like banks and other institutions in the near future, by several economists. The developments in the field of blockchain have been enormous. Deemed to be highly effective and transparent, the technology is now used in various sectors including medicine, biotech, communication, and several others. New cryptocurrencies are now being created and introduced all the time, with each initiative and organization coming up with their own tokens.

About Originate Coin

Established by a group of experienced Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts, Originate Coin is a new cryptocurrency based on the robust ERC20 Ethereum technology. With feather-light code, the coin offers its investors and coin holders the opportunity to mitigate a lot of well-known risks associated with cryptocurrency.


Apart from being comfortable with several major trading currencies, ORC offers a range of features for its investors to consider, which include:
• Promising: Powered by blockchain, ORC uses one of the latest, in-demand technologies to provide a safe, transparent, and auditable way to record and transfer data.
• Quick and Easy: Unlike other cryptos powered by blockchain, ORC is much faster in its transactions and is very simple to use. It offers users the ability to carry out reliable, secure transactions within seconds.
• Control and Protect your assets: In a token economy where there are custodian risks involved in entrusting cryptographic assets to a third party, ORC offers a transparent, globally accessible, friction-free value network, supporting private and secure exchange between peers.
• Scalable: Keeping up with the scalability expectation of blockchain, ORC is programmed to enable and handle mass adoption, since it’s underlying tech is Ethereum, which can handle around 13 transactions per second.
• Large and decentralized community: ORC provides a great source of learning for up and coming developers who get to collaborate and work on open-source projects, through the smart contract developed by and for the user community.


• November — December 2019
Initial Coin Offering and promotion, Token diffusion and promotion, Social Media Campaign



Referral Program

Along with its wide range of features and several benefits, ORC also offers a referral program to all its users and holders. Each user earns 5 ORC coins for each friend he or she invites for the Airdrop, up to 500 ORC, which has a value of $100.


With the increasingly significant developments in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, several sectors in the world are beginning to adapt and utilize them in their processes and transactions. Originate Coin or ORC, based on the latest Ethereum technology provides a speedbased, transparent and reliable system, which can be used to create customized smart contracts while mitigating a lot of common risks users face while using other cryptocurrencies. Created by experienced blockchain investors and experts, ORC offers a lucrative investment opportunity for all its coin holders, with early adopters benefitting from a competitive advantage in its market capitalization.

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