In today’s modern world and digital technology era, one can easily work and earn by being anywhere in the world and similarly one can hire people to complete tasks from a remote location. People nowadays loves freedom and doesnt wanted to spend their entire day in an office to accomplish their works and hence they prefer freelancing jobs. Companies too can save money, time and space by hiring a freelancer to complete the tasks thereby reducing reducing the expenses for required equipment. This freelancing industry helps people in many ways and also to exhibit their skills and offer their services to anyone across the globe. But there are certain drawbacks in this freelancing industry such as delayed payment transactions and its transaction fees and communication between the customers and the freelancers. To solve these issues and to enhance the freelancing industry and its economy across the global market, this project named PIXBY has come out with unique and innovative platform.

PIXBY is a unique freelance exchange marketplace for creative individuals who wish to earn by exhibiting and providing their skills and for the customers who wish to hire these individuals as freelancers to accomplish certain tasks. This project is powered by blockchain technology and hence there is no third party involvement, making it easier and more transparent for the customers and the freelancers.PIXBY is open to all and it is completely free to join. Individuals can showcase and provide their skills to the customers who require the same. It makes easy for the customers in finding and hiring freelancers and also the communication between the customers and the freelancers is made easy with instant messenger option in the PIXBY app. It’s a decentralised app(Dapp) that protects the users assets from scammers and rewards the users with its PXB tokens. This platform is blockchain smart contracts enabled innovative

When the customer initiates the escrow services, his assets are locked in the smart contract. Once the customers have finalised the freelancers and when the respective tasks are fulfilled by the freelancers, the customer can release the funds to the freelancer. After pre-sale, all unsold tokens will be sent to pixby reward pool and locked by a smart contract. In the PIXBY app, when a customer purchases a services, the smart contract will execute a tokens for the rewards to the ethereum wallet through which the payment for freelancer will happen. The customers can sign up on the PIXBY platform and can select a service which they wanted to get accomplished. After placing an order for the service and after successful completion of the tasks, the users gets rewarded for utilising the platform.

● PIXBY is faster, easier and transparent due to its decentralised blockchain platform.
● It provides a Peer to Peer transaction facility with a 0% commission.
● Direct contact and interaction between the customer and the freelancers through instant
messenger option.
● Immediate and Secure payments can be executed by the users.
● Crypto to fiat conversion..
● The more the users use this platform, the more they are rewarded with PXB tokens.
● Instant PXB to PXBX fiat Cryptocurrency for the users.
● Multicurrency wallet can be created for convenient transactions between customers and
● The users who are long-term PXB token holders can earn 90% annually rate of interest
with PIXBY cold staking protocol, thereby providing passive income for the users.

The utility token of this project is PIXBY token which goes with the symbol PXB.

Token Name : PIXBY Token
Token Symbol : PXB
PlatformL: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total token supply: 150,000,000
Hard cap : 63,375 ETH
Soft cap : No
ICO Price : 0.000625 ETH
Accepted Currency : ETH, BTC, USDT

65% of total tokens are Offered for sale.
10% is allocated for Marketing.
10% is allocated for Team treasury.
5% is allocated for Airdrop & Bounty.

Public Pre-Sale 1 :
Total PXB allocated — 15,000,000
Base Price — 0.000625 ETH
Base Bonus — 25%
Dates — 31/8/2019–15/9/2019

Public Pre-Sale 2 :
Total PXB allocated — 15,000,000
Base Price — 0.000625 ETH
Base Bonus — 15%
Dates — 16/9/2019–01/10//2019

Public Main Sale :
Total PXB allocated — 66,000,000
Base Price — 0.000625 ETH
Base Bonus — 6%
Dates — 02/10/2019–20/10/2019
For more details and latest information, please visit https://pixby.io



This project PIXBY which aims to enhance the growth of freelance industry is already creating a revolution among its counterparts in the industry. PIXBY with its innovative platform is building a bridge between freelancers and the customers in a very easy and transparent manner, thereby creating new economic opportunities. The PIXBY team with all of their experience has a better vision for the future by creating a freelance marketplace which rewards the users in return. Hence, it’s a wise choice to invest in this unique project thereby participating in building the smart future for ourselves and for the upcoming generations. Kindly visit www.pixby.io for more details.

For more information
Website: https://pixby.io/
Whitepaper: https://pixby.io/app/public/white-paper
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5182019
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5182494.0
GitHub: https://github.com/shadiyarPXB/PIXBY-Project-Inc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PixbyToken
Medium: https://medium.com/@pixbytoken
Telegram: https://t.me/pixbytoken

Written by
K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: Rachchi
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2297077




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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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