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Music is an important part of the world’s diversity and distinct cultures. It has the potential to affect positive social change and also has a significant economic impact, with annual sales of more than 21 billion dollars. The global music industry has been heavily influenced by digital initiatives as well as increased competition from a variety of global players over the last ten years. As a result of all of this, the way music is created, produced, distributed, consumed, and monetized has changed dramatically.

The growth of recorded music has been fueled by the convenience and personalization of music streaming, as well as the accessibility provided by smartphones and smart devices. Since 2015, global streaming revenues have grown at a 42 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), compared to a 9 per cent CAGR for the entire recording industry. The music industry is always evolving (new business models, new ways of interactivity, increasing audiences). However, it is also a fact that many challenges remain, for example,
● Lack Of Transparency
● Lack Of Access to data
● Lack Of Performance Insight
● Lack Of Money for artists
● Lack Of Guidance
● Lack Of Potential Reach

What is Playtreks?

Playtreks intends to solve many of these challenges by bridging the data gap, this being the difference between data on the digital platforms, and the data available for artists. Playtreks exists to democratize the industry by providing transparency using technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

It performs the functions of :
● Unlocking Data
● View, Compare, Analyze
● Correlates data from multiple sources
● Cross Channel Analytics
● Not Limited to First Person
● All-In-One SaaS platform including Music Distribution
● Playtreks Company

Playtreks exists to make the global music industry more transparent for artists, producers, composers, record labels, songwriters, and anyone else with an artistic or economic interest in a world that has high, almost impenetrable barriers.

Playtreks is the product as well; it’s a data analytics platform for the music industry that allows users to analyse and use data as needed. Playtrek’s data analytics services can help with product development, identifying potential market gaps and opportunities, increasing efficiency, expanding reach, and more.

Finally, Playtreks is a SaaS marketing intelligence platform that provides complete transparency into the performance of content available on a variety of digital services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, social media, content sharing platforms, and more.

The playtreks platform contributes to the music industry’s promotion of diversity, creativity, and innovation.

What is the Playtreks platform?

Playtreks was developed with the idea of making the performance of music transparent and accessible, regardless of the user who subscribes to playtreks, and regardless of the artist or music one wants to follow/analyze. And it does all these in the following ways :

Distribution to digital streaming stores (100+)

Digital radio airplay monitoring

Artist dashboard visualizing music metadata

Discover music in charts & playlists

Insights from social media & stores

Blockchain-based marketplace

Playtreks is built around having a central personalized Artist Dashboard.

This Artist Dashboard allows the user to view, among other things:

Which playlists music by the chosen artist is placed How the music has developed in terms of performance e.g., release date, after promotion, today.

Compare artists, both on streaming and all social media platforms Gain insights into how to have their music heard by a larger audience (every “stream” earns money).

Ultimately the user gets a complete picture of where and when the music of the chosen artist is played. Not only to understand what can be done better to ultimately generate more sales, but also to gain insight into the revenues from the played music.

Why Playtreks?

Playtreks is uniquely qualified to succeed for the following reasons:

• The product is superior to single-function competitors because it is a first-mover in the field of bringing the most important requirements in the music industry together in one platform using cutting-edge technology such as artificially intelligent data analytics and blockchain-based music distribution to all major platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and others.

• Technology: A scalable SaaS platform is built that allows offering high-quality products and services while also allowing to quickly add new modules. The platform is built using modern programming languages like React and includes its blockchain layer, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the ability to connect to a variety of data sources.

• The project has intellectual property that gives it a competitive advantage.

• Marketing: Specialised marketing skills that enable to acquire new customers at a low cost.

• Achievements to date: The project has already accomplished the following, putting it in a strong position for future success. The growth of the user base, the implementation of the technology, the partnerships, and the industry recognition.

What makes Playtreks extremely unique is the combination of the ALL-IN-ONE analytics platform combined with being a music distributor, and the block-chain based marketplace. This combination removes an an enormous amount of non-transparency, providing an unprecedented amount of information to the artist, to improve their revenue stream, making data transparent, and since multiple platforms are supported, an intuitive environment from which the artist has all the necessary information about music performance at their fingertips.


All your data in one place.

Actionable insights from streaming, social media, and content sharing platforms powered by data science, all in one place. Advance your career by understanding what happens to your music and making the right decisions to make your music heard.

Music Distribution

Unlimited free music distribution.

Free music distribution, or go premium, music uploads to major stores, collect sales data from all major streaming platforms and enjoy performance insights available in beautiful dashboards with the playtreks cross channel artis dashboard subscription

Airplay Monitoring

Know when your music is played on the radio

Monitoring local independent radio stations to college radio and national stations globally, to monitor airplay in near real-time. With the highly competitive service, you are always in the know when and where your music is being


The Playground, blockchain marketplace

Blockchain-based marketplace for music and content sharing: Create, grow and monetize through NFT Any creator uploading their music through playtreks to all major traditional streaming platforms is automatically added to the blockchain marketplace get the best of both worlds


Know what’s hot on streaming platforms

Monitoring streaming charts and see what goes viral see what happened in the past, know what is happening today. Besides the streaming and social insights, it also provides you with lots of metadata about artists, composers, songwriters, record labels, songs and music rights identifiers



Earn more with Playtreks! Creators, artists, producers, record labels, can earn more revenue from original content on the blockchain marketplace. The official crypto loker will launch soon.

TREKS is the standard ERC-20 token and most supported token in PlayTreks and is currently used in the PlayTreks marketplace.

There is a total supply of 10 million TREKS in total.

The team has spent a lot of time making sure that by using TREKS as the custom token, users can create & purchase music as NFT (Non-fungible tokens) from PlayTreks’ very own blockchain-based marketplace.

It is currently listed on Coinsbit and coming soon to other centralized crypto exchanges. Also, you can currently swap tokens for Treks in the Ethereum and Polygon network and more networks coming soon!


Within the digital music economy, NFTs are an exciting new frontier. They’re a brand-new, powerful tool for artists and fans alike. They’re used to share new and unique work from your favourite artists, crowdfund concept albums and cross-artist collaborations, create limited edition album art, inserts, and experiential media, and give away backstage passes to super fans.

The users should become addicted to the marketplace by selling limited album art and songs, concert tickets, backstage passes, and rights to use songs in jingles and movies, among other things. Treks can be used as both a currency and a utility token. In polygon chain, it also supports DAI, MATIC, and WITH, which can be swapped for each other on the same platform.

The marketplace is primarily an NFT marketplace, but it will soon expand to include a full portfolio platform where you can buy, sell, stream music, request right to use (MICRO SYNC), swap tokens, crowdfund projects, create collectables, and sell percentages of your music project to investors as NFT, all while remaining fully transparent. It charges an average fee of 2.5 per cent to 3% on full transactions, which is very low when compared to other marketplaces.

Playtreks Sync: The Playtreks (micro) sync feature is a soon-to-be-released feature that allows you to stream an artist’s music on the marketplace platform and obtain a temporary licence to use the song in places with limited time constraints, such as Tiktok, short films, or Twitter while maintaining full attribution to the artist. To have full access or the right to use in high-severity situations such as movies or series, you must purchase the licence.


Total supply 10 million

Initial coin offering comes up later this year and will be done in two ways. The first is you can buy TREKS by sending ETH to a smart contract in Ethereum or MATIC to one in Polygon and get TREKS sent to that exact address. The second is the direct one where you invest, and we send TREKS to your wallet.

TREKS is not just a currency; it is a chance to govern your work and access exclusive features.TREKS is our coming soon utility token to make available more exclusive features like voting for top/ best songs chart, increasing royalty for second hand sales from 2.5% to 3% on request and more. TREKS will only be staked to TREKS and can be bought from the Playtreks marketplace. Playtreks gives everyone the freedom to share, monetize, and listen to any audio. Thanks to TREKS, the users can earn a voice in the platform’s future through active contributions to the network. Playtreks will live forever, owned, and operated by a decentralized community of artists, developers, and fans collaborating to defend the world’s music catalogue and marketplace

Playtreks Platform Progress

tested, interviewed, experimented, started working on the first version

2020, June
officially registered PlayTreks BV as a company

2020, September
raised money from angel investors

2021, early January
PlayTreks Beta released

2021, March
an enormous amount of music releases uploaded and the start of exponential growth

2021, April
end of public beta and platform officially live

2021, May
integration of block-chain, providing even more transparency for users

2021, August
global radio airplay monitoring introduced

2021, September
launch of Digital Proof of Ownership functionality

2021, September
launch of block-chain based marketplace

2021, October
the release of the official token, TREKS, to be continued…….



This project appears to be enjoyable, beneficial, and innovative! It’s one-of-a-kind because it combines almost all of the elements into one! This is a very interesting project with a lot of potentials, and it’s worth looking into!

For more information

Whitepaper: file:///C:/Users/hp/Pictures/Downloads/PlayTreks-Whitepaper-1%20(1).pdf
Bounty Thread:

Written by

K. Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: : @siva1978
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Working in film industry as a director

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