PointPay, a newly introduced product presents three main services under one closed-loop system and they include;
• PointPay Crypto Bank
• PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and
• PointPay Multi-currency wallet

More about PointPay

• PointPay is in tie-up with over 50 banks and it also possess 25 payment systems and 20 lawyers to deal with any issues related to licensing crypto businesses.
• With 4 years of experience supporting the payment system functioning, such as signing contracts, working with other payment systems and working with banks, building complex payment schemes and more
• Conduct crowd funding campaign via sale of 500,000,000 PXP tokens to raise funds

Dealing with Crypto currency — “Crypto Assets Depreciation” problem

Proposals are being formulated by PointPay with the focus to solve any problem related to the crypto currency and crypto assets depreciation. This has been outlined in 3 steps. It also provides access to the traders and holders to extend user functionality and thus make funds stored on crypto wallets. The three solutions provided will include;

  1. Create a platform to enable purchase tokens, sales revenue
  2. Build closed-loop ecosystem from PointPay Crypto bank, PointPay Multi-currency wallet and PointPay crypto Exchange platform

Benefits of PointPay Crypto Bank

There are best factors to emphasis PointPay Crypto bank and to favor them, here follow a few;

Description of PointPay Crypto Bank

Investor Preferences of Pointpay Platform

PointPay Token Details

Symbol : PXP
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 tokens
Exchange : PointPay
Token : PXP
Country : UK
Exchange type : Centr
Cash flow : Crypto-to-fiat fiat-to-crypto crypto-to-crypto fiat-to-fiat

PointPay customer Growth Forecast

Funds Allocation

• 42% towards Product and App development
• 2% towards Bounty program
• 40% towards marketing and branding
• 5% towards Reserve
• 11% towards legal and licensing

PointPay Token Distribution

• 40% to be sold
• 30% Reserve
• 10% Team Tokens
• 6% Maximum allowance for high volume investment bonuses
• 4% token sale referral program

Road Map and Estimated Token Growth Value

2018 Jun 25 Pointpay company registered — Point Pay LTD (Company №11431098)

Team Members


Working in film industry as a director