Lack of security and absence of reliable details are the primary concerns in commercial markets cross the world these days. These give rise to several problems to buyers, suppliers and transporters engaged in such businesses. This is where the blockchain technology is looked upon as a blessing in disguise! Payment methods are automated removing all flaws one may face in the process. Technologies such a Prepayway come to the rescue in the above mentioned catch 22 situations.


The Prepayway aims at completely eradicating burdens and hinderances faced in commercial markets by bringing together decentralised blockchain and self-executing smart contracts with business methodologies, thereby, bringing to picture examples to follow in international business scenes. It provides the following to its users -

· Proper legal contracts and laws that are natioanlly accepted in multiple languages

· Smart contracts that can be executed by oneself

· Digital and fiat currency powered by licensed escrow partners

· Decentralised financial solutions beyond borders

· Highly safe storage facilities on a blockchain

· SmartArb’s able and enforceable dispute solving capability

· Enhanced opportunities to valuable collaborations and access to innovative technology, which are results of blockchain ecosystem’s amalgamation with exixting business functions that inturn help in increasing growth and generating value


· It is a remedy for cross-border contracting, financing, payments and dispute resolution

· It multitasts in the form of banks, lawyers, escrow agents and arbitral institutions

· It is an easy remedy for complicated procedures


The procedure in which Prepayway works has been divided into pointers below -

· Businesses embrace Prepayway Blockchain Ecosystem

· These businesses’ old methods are merged with blockchain technology

· Tailor-made business solutions are created based on requirements and needs

· Token economy will assure self-evolving ecosystem’s growth development


· Direct Dealings: Direct communications, transactions, etc.are worked at, so as to increase security, speed and dissolved clogged mediums

· Faster Transactions: Increase in transaction speed, which inturn could increase cash flow and capital investments

· Global Accessibility: The aim is to become a benchmark for seamless digital commercial transactions across the world

· To be Practical: Have embraced the blockchain technology to erase flaws that ruin industries

· To Stay Focused: The aim is to reduce expenditure, erase fraudulent acts, make transactions faster and to internalise markets

· Sustain Reliability: Their two strong pillars are reliability and professionalism

· Customer Care: Solutions are tailor-mad as per need of customers, who are their priority

· Trust: Customer’s trust is given utmost importance vis-a-vis data protection and security

· Integrity: The foundation that leads to all the above


1. Prepayway Real Estate: This, as the name suggests, deal with real estate transactions

2. Prepayway Global Trade: Handles mergers, contracts and payments associated with global trade

3. SmartArb: International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute provides dispute resolution

4. Elleeo: This is a decentralized, cross-border financing platform



· Seed investments successfully done

· Core team formed

· Founded PrepayWay AG (HQ in Switzerland)

· Founded PrepayWay Systems Switzerland AG

· Founded PrepayWay Systems Estonia OÜ founded

· Developed 3 flagship products: Elleeo, PrepayWay Real Estate, PrepayWay Global Trade

· Application and registration of PrepayWay® trademark

· Application and registration of SmartArb® trademark

· Application and registration InBit® (token) trademark

· PrepayWay Ecosystem business logic

· PrepayWay Real Estate business logic

· Elleeo business logic

· SmartArb business logic

· Elleeo prototype that has touched its fundamental stage

· SmartArb model clauses published

· Elleeo fully functional demo

· PrepayWay Real Estate contract creation and negotiation process proto closed testing was conducted

2019 H1

· Fundraising stage 1

· SRO membership application

· PrepayWay Real Estate visual prototype

· Real estate agreement creation process demo version

· SmartArb Rules published

· PrepayWay Global Trade prototype

· More info on the Global Trade tool.

· SmartArb to be made as a full fledged mediation and arbitration institute

· Characterstics that will make it beneficial for using based on user’s requirement — being user friendly, quicker, more professional, secretive, more reliable, lest costly, more accessible, enforceable, more successful

· Elleeo MVP

· Advantages for borrowers are — more transparent, easier, flexible, and quicker procedurs compared to banks; gives bigger investments.

· Advantages for investors are — interesting return opportunities than banks, lower minimum investments required, automated investments based on InvestBot function, loan arrangment completely handled by InvestbBot function, more optipons soon to be announced

2020 H1

· PrepayWay Real Estate MVP

· Multilingual country-specific legal templates

· Fiat-crypto gateway framework

· Crypto-crypto gateway framework

2020 H2

· Fundraising stage 2

· Beta version and release of PrepayWay Real Estate

· Beta version and release of Elleeo

· Beta version and release of PrepayWay Global Trade

· SmartArb regional offices in EMEA, APJ, NCSA


· PrepayWay Real Estate — expansion

· Elleeo — expand core business

· PrepayWay Global Trade — Workd towards enabling a sinle point of communication and interaction

· SmartArb — R&D to improve this further

· Other services integration

· Proprietary blockchain



Base price: 1 EUR = 100 InBits

Discount: 70%

Price including discount: 0.30 EUR = 100 InBits

Minimum contribution: 10 EUR

Maximum contribution: 300 EUR

Limited participation: 1000 persons

Start date: 18 Apr 2019

KYC must be passed *

*Citizens or residents of USA, Switzerland, and restricted jurisdictions are not eligible to participate.

  • Also, refer to investment agreement/token sale agreement on website.


Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert


Dr. Minhnea Constantinescu

CPO & Co-founder

Nikolai Kalinin

CEO & Сo-founder

Eduard Langebraun

CFO & Co-founder

Oliver Nedela

COO & Co-founder

Dr. Vahe Sahakyan

Co-founder — Investor

Antonio Gurei

Community Manager & Co-founder

Artemiy Haimi

Marketing Manager

Mosun Oke

Legal Development

Sergei Gerasimov

Software Development

Vadim Vohmjanin

Software Development

Yiyang Yang

Marketing Lead | Asia

Torgom Varzhapetyan

Business Development

Evgeny Varlamov

Software Development

Vladislav Davarashvili

Software Development

Aleksander Kalinin

Social Media Manager & Co-founder

Hyo Jeong Chang

Digital Marketing | Asia

Anna Nishcheret

Content Writer & Coordinator


Sara Ismail

Business Development

MENA Region

Ana Lucia Cavalcante

Business Development

LatAm Region

Armen Aghabekyan

Business Development

South Asia

Dr. Natalia Zavalishina

Business Development



Prof. Vazgen Melikyan

Corresponding Member of RA NAS and Doctor of Science, Professor

Dr. Artashes Karapetyan

PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance,

BI Norwegian Business School

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