ROLAZ — A Decentralized Hedge Fund for all.


Although gold is the best and safest way to hold and invest value in the long term. But despite efforts to democratize the process of investing in gold, investing in gold mining remains a process that is marred by difficult and complex regulations and high initial investment, making gold mining investment highly exclusive. This hurts the new investor trying to enter an industry that already lacks trust and transparency. In addition, difficult or inaccessible terrain, bureaucratic control, poor investment strategies make it difficult to search for gold with reliable instruments that not only identify the presence of favourable geology but are also able to identify promising areas for mining. With the lack of experience in gold mining, most prospectors to this day remain shovel selling outfits with little to no hope of finding gold.

But all these problems can be solved and the ROLAZ Group has brought an amazing solution to this.

What is ROLAZ?

ROLAZ is a Decentralized Hedge Fund for all.

The traditional hedge fund is only for the rich, returns are low and transparency is also a major concern. Using smart contracts and blockchain technology, the Rolaz hedge fund solves these problems and much more.

With the ability to leverage blockchain technology, Roll Group can provide a reliable, transparent and traceable resource in the form of TokensToken for investors to participate in growing and successful gold exploration operations in mega projects.

With the gold token, investors with all income and risk tolerance will be able to invest in gold mining companies already operational and will be able to reap the benefits of this unique investment opportunity that in the past was not available only to the privileged or someone with the right connections, is now openly available with the security and transparency of the blockchain behind it. It also frees investors from having to deal with cumbersome bureaucracy, mountains of paperwork and other detours when investing in precious metals and similar products.


● Substantial Returns
The company’s gold mining operations have proven an average rate of return of 50% with no additional risks involved.

● Multiple investment options
rgLD provides several staking options allowing investors to tailor their portfolio as per their risk appetite.

● Decentralized and Transparent
By utilizing the decentralized nature of the blockchain, we intend to bring transparency and integrity to everyone.

● Fully Audited.
We have partnered with some of the world’s most credible auditors and certification organizations including Bureau Veritas and SGS.


The network will support several tokenized instruments mostly related to natural, financial and investment sectors.

● Instant trading
Settle within a second.

● No hidden fees
Know fees upfront.

● Secure Investments
Sleep with peace of mind.

● Intra-asset trading
Design a custom portfolio.

● Staking Options
Many scenarios are available.

● Bigger Rewards
Hefty returns are guaranteed.

ROLAZ Protocol

1. An individual may purchase tokens of natural assets, financial assets, or investment assets from the launch pool or website.i.e. gold.
2. Token holders can hold the token or invest (stake) in it.
3. A Staker earns money from the promised rate of return, as rgLD promises a 50% annual ROI on gold mining operations. The token holders will profit from the increasing value of tokens. i. e. 50 % buyback and burn of staked tokens.
4. Reinvest or buy another asset from available options. The protocol is being utilized to meet different objectives for the execution of gold, and all future projects launched by ROLAZ Group


Real State




Debit Credit Cards
Nano Credits


rgLD is the first asset issued by the rolaz hedge fund, tokenizing the already operational gold mining operations. It is a foundation for all Future Transactions

The first product of Rolaz group’s investment firm — Tokenizing the already operational gold mining operations.

The gold token can be purchased from either the launch pool or the website. The rGLD token will benefit both the stakes and the long-term holders as stakers will receive the promised rate of return from multiple investment scenarios and token holders will profit from the ever-growing price of gold coins. Because the mechanism has been geared towards the price accelerating with time, the price is certain to increase.

rgLD provides several staking options, so investors can tailor their portfolio as per their risk appetite. The following chart outlines the staking scenarios and their respective returns:


6 months(e.g. 100 USD) — — 18%(e.g. 118USD)
12 months e.g.100 USD — — 50 %(e.g.150 USD)
18 months e.g. 100 USD — -60 %(e.g. 160 USD)
24 months e.g. 100 USD — -100 %(e.g. 200 USD)
36 months e.g. — — 150 %(e.g. 250 USD)

The rGLD token will have a fixed supply of 50 million tokens of which 70% will be available for public sale. The token will have a base price of $1.5 (approx.) for the public sale, with an estimated market capitalization of $52.5 million. In the case that tokens are unsold during the public sale, they’ll be burned immediately as a price stability measure for current holders.

The public sale is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2021 and run through the first quarter of 2022. Once that happens, token holders will be permitted to invest in a variety of investment scenarios. Since the investment scenario has a hard cap so there will be limited rGLD circulation. Once the expected capital is raised, token issuance will be stopped immediately. A diagram below illustrates the token distribution:


0.0043 BNB (~1.5 USD)
Token Price.

50 Million
Token Supply

50% Annual Return

Deflationary token
50% Staked
Tokens Burn

Token Distribution

10 % Marketing
10 % Administration
10 % Roll Group
70 % Token Sale

ROLAZ Ecosystem

The protocol is central, are the backbone and powers all smart contracts, dapps, oral, platforms and other integrations. Designed to systematically symbolize natural, financial and investment assets. First, there is the entire ROLAZ GROUP corporate structure, which is responsible for managing everything that happens within our ecosystem. The aim is to maintain all activities and resources within the framework of legal and financial provisions, in particular by the vision of the founders.

Second, there is ROLAZ HEDGE FUND BOARD, which focuses on growing the company through continuous market research, so that new investment opportunities can be developed by continuously researching traditional and emerging markets.

Third, our greatest asset is our COMMUNITY, which continuously invests in our products and increases the value of the token. Finally, there are the DEVELOPERS whose primary responsibility is to evaluate and identify new technological solutions. Companies and entrepreneurs who are part of our community can use the Protocol to fund their the project provided in line with the vision of the Protocol and meets the legal and financial requirements.


Protocol designing
Roll protocol powered by Polkadot
The network will support several tokenized instruments and the protocol will be the base.
Q4 2021

Time to invest and earn
Token holders can stake in multiple investment scenarios according to their risk appetite
Q3 2022

Trade and build custom portfolio
Multiple new assets will be launched in the future and investors will have the freedom to trade and build their custom portfolio on the same protocol.


ROLAZ Group is an international holding company, with an expansive presence in Europe, Asia, and America, that invests its business experience, assets, resources, and time in the development of new projects and highly innovative business solutions. The team consists of industry professionals who offer clients a great capacity for growth, advanced digital technology systems, and an important component of business adventure on the quest to maximize your business potential and customer impact.

The team has been fully vested in the importance of Blockchain technology since 2018, and constantly see the need for incorporation of this technology increasing across all market sectors. Data access and management of personal health, employment, and financial records are becoming increasingly complex, and the use of Blockchain technology allows for this confidential data to be managed in a decentralized location, limiting instances of fraud and data corruption.


This project is holding something great for the future. The staking and investment returns are far better and safe than other assets so it’s something an investor should look into!

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