The AMANPURI Exchange


Amanpuri Exchange is an ecosystem which offers the users with its unique and assured protection of their digital assets in their platform and also provides spot transactions. This exchange is a licensed exchange and based in the Republic of Malta. It offers up To 100x leverage transaction system and provides highest reliability, security to the users which makes this project more desirable. Through this exchange, the users can exchange the Cryptocurrencies and the Fiat currencies. This project which has a highly experienced financial experts team aims to collaborate with top custodians for the safety operations of the platform thereby providing user satisfaction.

What is Amanpuri Exchange?

The Amanpuri project is an exchange ecosystem which provides complete Cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchanges for the users in a hassle free and secure manner. The Amanpuri Exchange is a licensed DLT exchange based in the republic of Malta. It also facilitates users with its spot transactions facility and up to 100x leverage transaction system. This Cryptocurrency exchange is backed up with Distributed Ledger Technology and has been created by industry financial experts with deep knowledge of VFA. The exchange is based on block chain technology providing complete safe and secure operations on its platform.

Current Exchange Scenarios

The top exchangers apart from Amanpuri is the BitMEX and Binance with a 24 hour market value of 1.39 billion USD and 840 Million USD during October 2018. But the charges such as transaction fees are high in BitMEX and Binance when compared to Amanpuri. The Amanpuri Exchange has the experienced team to handle the high leverage transaction system which is an added advantage when comparing with its counterparts such as BitMEX and Binance. In the current scenarios, many users and investors go through sufferings such as unexpected server down, withdrawal refusal, contract denials, communication issues with the support team, sudden closings etc. Considering all these existing problems and factors, this project strongly works to solve the issues and be a strong competitor by providing complete satisfaction and quality service to the users and investors when using the exchange platform.


● Highest security, reliability and accountability.
● It is based on multi-sig digital signature scheme which provides secure transactions
● Multilingual customer support helping people all across the world for their queries
● This platform provides the cold wallet management system to the users which avoids the risk factors such as hacking.
● It partners with major top custodians such that all the users and investors data, assets are kept safe.
● It has a regulatory authorities advantage backed up by the Republic of Malta which adapts to the blockchain technology and has a very positive stance towards it.

Token Details

The Amanpuri Exchange has its own token named AMAL which goes with the symbol AMAL.

Token Allocation

The maximum token supply is 210 Million.



With the increase of the daily demands and its corresponding financial transactions, digital currencies are becoming an integral part of our life. But when the need of exchanges between the different Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies occur, there comes a need for a reliable exchange platform. One such platform which was created by top industrial experts offering honest, secure and satisfying services to the users is Amanpuri Exchange. For more and latest information on this platform, please visit

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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