The AMANPURI Exchange

Amanpuri Exchange is an ecosystem which offers the users with its unique and assured protection of their digital assets in their platform and also provides spot transactions. This exchange is a licensed exchange and based in the Republic of Malta. It offers up To 100x leverage transaction system and provides highest reliability, security to the users which makes this project more desirable. Through this exchange, the users can exchange the Cryptocurrencies and the Fiat currencies. This project which has a highly experienced financial experts team aims to collaborate with top custodians for the safety operations of the platform thereby providing user satisfaction. when we see the honest feedback from the users, many exchanges don’t seem to be providing the services as it is being mentioned. There are several flaws in their services which makes the users and investors to lose their digital assets unfortunately. Considering these factors, the Amanpuri Exchange has been built to tackle the existing service problems and to deliver a secure and satisfying service through its platform.

The Amanpuri Exchange is an exchange ecosystem which offers complete spot transactions and 100x leverage transaction system with complete security. This exchange is based on block chain technology and is a licensed Distributed Ledger Technology exchange platform. It is based in the Republic of Malta and provides seamless first class Virtual Financial Asset to Fiat currency transactions without any hassle. The key features of this exchange is its reliability, security and accountability. This exchange is built by the highly experienced team who have strong influence in the Cryptocurrencies and aims to become the largest exchange platform among its counterparts.

● Amanpuri Exchange provides excellent customer support 24x7 service and the service is available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, French etc which makes it easier for the users to access the support team for any queries.

● To minimise the impact of regulations, this exchange which is licensed in the Republic of Malta has taken wise steps and the Malta government has taken a very positive stance towards developing these kinds of blockchain based platforms.

● This platform features a special multi digital signature scheme where 2 or more passwords are must for the remittance of VFA from a wallet address. This feature makes the digital assets of the users safe and thereby avoiding hackers to access the sensitive data.

● Protecting a customer’s assets is this projects key priority and they do so by having a cold wallet management system to reduce the risk associated with hacking.

● It partners with the major custodians to protect the users data which gives the investors to the trust and reliability of their assets. This project clearly maintains Amanpuri managed assets and its customer assets in a very secure manner.

Since there are numerous exchanges which offer various services to the users, the 2 main competitors are BitMEX and Binance in terms of Asset protection. Comparing these platforms, Amanpuri provides higher referral program benefits and superior customer support service. This also provides a 50% discount in transaction fee when AMAL Token is used.

The Amanpuri Exchange project has its own token named AMAL which goes with the symbol AML. The users can use this token for special discounts when they execute transactions.

With the increase of the daily demands and its corresponding financial transactions, digital currencies are becoming an integral part of our life. But when the need of exchanges between the different Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies occur, there comes a need for a reliable exchange platform. One such platform which was created by top industrial experts offering honest, secure and satisfying services to the users is Amanpuri Exchange. For more and latest information on this platform, please visit

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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