The new generation cryptocurrency, TITAN Coin uses the most advanced technology of Blockchain. This blockchain technology aims at secured and quick transactions.
TTN uses SHA256D algorithm, which is from the main bitcoin source. This source will enable safe and fast transaction upgradation. Titan takes the opportunity to present this vibrant platform to its participants and creates a wonderful opportunity for huge growth. With the number of users increasing the demand for the Titan coins also increases.

What is Titan?

Titan is the self-sustainable blockchain platform. This is created to run new economic applications and the community based on this uses Titan platform as a secured payment service. This is also used as the proof of data integrity, and as the support structure for the projects that range from Cloud computation to applications. Titan is the most potential innovative platform.

What is Titan Coin — TTN?

Besides knowing about Titan, knowing a few factors about Titan coin is also crucial. In this aspect, here are a few details for you about this coin;
• Titan coin is the new innovative currency, used for the payment purposes
• This is created with the core aim of overcoming limitations that other coins has
• It enables the users to send and receive cryptocurrency from anywhere they are and at any time they need
• This coin mainly focuses on keeping digital payments absolutely secured and support instant transactions

Titan Coin — The Next Generation Blockchain Techology

Here are some key elements of this Titan coin;
• Low processing fees
• Quick transactions
• Availability of wallets on all technologies
• Quick transactions
• Global payment system
• POS / SH256 Advanced security integrated
• Engage people with Social platforms

The Importance of Titan Coin as Cryptocurrency

Understanding a few major and important elements of the TITAN Coin as the cryptocurrency will enable the users to make use of it completely. This understanding will also enable them to get a clear idea about how it can be used to grow. Here are a few factors to emphasize on this Titan coins;
• This digital currency is the next-gen blockchain technology
• It employs Hybrid POW and Dynamic POS structure integrated with SHA 256+ GROESTL — dual algorithm system
• This system enables verifying and securing all transactions taking place
• Hybrid consensus mechanism will require only less energy consumption to mine Titan coin
• Mining Titan coin is profitable, eco friendly and economical too when compared to other currencies
• Titan coin uses advanced blockchain technology, which facilitates global digital transactions. This will not require central authority or any middleman
• This approach will reduce the transaction cost whilst at the same time increase the security
• This Titan coin is the decentralized digitalized currency. It cannot be easily controlled and managed by single entity
• The Titan users are the sole owners of the coin

Market Performance of Titan Coins

Titan Coin — TTN: 0.002018 USD (-13.13%) / 0.00000017 BTC
Rank: 760
Market Cap $1.71 M USD
Volume $212.23 K USD

Titan coin TTN / USD $0.00106106 /(-39.22%)
Market Cap Rank: #636
Market Cap: $2,330,572
24H Volume: $296,678
24H High/Low: $0.00275363/$0.00114737

Basic Operation of Titan Coin

• Boolean operations AND, XOR and OR, denoted by ^, and _,
• Bitwise complement, denoted by ¯.
• Integer addition modulo 232, denoted by A + B
• Each coin operates on 32-bit words
• For last operation, binary words are interpreted as integers and written in base 2.
• RotR(A, n) is thecircular right shift of binary word n bits A.
• ShR(A, n) is the right shift of n bits of binary word A.
• AkB denotes concatenation of the binary words A and B.

Titan Coin Transaction:

Coin name: Titan coin TTN
Coin type / Algorithm: Hybrid POW / Dynamic POS / SHA256D
Block time / Rewards: 60 seconds / 30 Titan coin 1 MB
Currency circulation 893164338

Terminal Space

Key Highlights of Titan coin Project
T-11 Titan Fantasy sports gaming app: This T-11 is a unique gaming app. This is developed by Titan project and it allows the user to paly sports games. It enbales creating your own team with real players for live sports games

T -21: This is an android app used to enable new people meet. This is secured and safe and enables to expand your social network global wide. T-21 functions with the beta version and privacy features for women. It gives a unique dating experience
T-31 Titan Family security App: this T-31 converts smartphones tablets and computers to advanced security tracking system with ample features such as, Real-Time Tracking, Video Monitoring, Instant Notification/Alert, Remote Recording, Two-Way Audio, and Find Lost Phone

T-41 Titan Sales Team Reporting app: T-41 is the employee tracking app used to track sales employee’s GPS location, day activities and other elements on real time. This app helps to easily track sales employee’s attendance and other details in real time. Some of the key features will include: know where sales employees are, assign work to sales employees online, calculate working hours easily, track geographical reach and order helps quick processing

Swipe / Slide / Match / Chat / Date: Titan coin app can be easily used with the swipe. There is no stress in using this app. This is something new.
Getting Started;
It is very easy and simple to use TTN Wallet and here we see how;
• This app should be downloaded only from a verified resources — official app stores
• After downloading the wallet, TTN coin can be added from your preferred exchange
• Then send and receive TTN coins within your wallet
• It is also crucial to join Titan coin community to receive recent updates about the coin and project


This coin is highly secured and offers all benefits of the bitcoins. The advanced technology used in it for the operation without any centralized authority helps easy verification of all transactions of foreign currency in the network. The records and data are decentralized and they cannot be edited. Blockchain is design-safe.

Types of Titan coin Wallets

  • Traditional Web Wallet
    • Advance Web Wallet
    • Android Wallet
    • iOS/MAC Wallet
    • Windows Wallet
    • Linux Wallet

For more information
Website: https://titanprojects.co/
Whitepaper: https://titanprojects.co/images/WhitePaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5127407
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5151906.0

Social media
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Titan-Projects-2289176678004486
Twitter: https://twitter.com/projectstitan
Medium: https://medium.com/@titanprojectsco
Telegram: https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial

Written by
K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: Rachchi
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2297077




Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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