Unidapp- It’s DeFi time!

In our daily life, we use different apps for various applications. UniDApp is a centralized trading place with a reasonable feature set that eases the experience of the users to the maximum. The advanced set of tools of Uniswap are accessible for centralized interchanges to utilize on top of the ecosystem of DeFi.


It gives lots of benefits to the users. The users can access analytics, order aggregation, sales and planning purchases, scheduled automatic notifications and liquidity charts.



The priority is given to the asset and trading reliability and security. A simplified interface is provided by the UniDApp which connects to the Uniswap API.


The Uniswap has significant benefits to enhance the trust of the user.


On GitHub, the Consensys Diligence’s audits are available publicly and it ensures the Uniswap smart contracts security.


Uniswap connects the trades and the transaction taking place between their wallets. It has become the most significant decentralized marketplace. The users no need to worry about creating the account and leaving funds on it because they are stored in their personal wallet.


For small traders, uniswap has various benefits compared to other DEX competitors. It is the cheapest price of all DEXs and does not need its own token and pay for listing.


It comes with valuable features for all users.


Orders are stimulated automatically even when you sleep, drive or relax. The chances of creating unlimited pending orders increase or decrease in the price, that is a requirement when a trader follows his strategy, be it utilizing instruments like price fluctuation.


The experienced trader quickly reaches the market, if required can change the strategy by the notification of reaching the given token’s specified price.


In real time, the ability to monitor the necessary coin, as well as, If required, see the change in price graph since the coin listing on Uniswap.


An inexperienced person can easily find out and study the functionality very easily because of the intuitively simple and clear interface.


Due to all the process optimization, the performance occurs.


To make transactions on the UniDApp platform, the users should have a UDP token that can be bought on Uniswap after the 3rd OTC round or any other interchanges a few days later. The commission charges will be 0.25 % of the transaction amount for every transaction and automatically charged in UDP tokens.

The UniDApp fund takes 10 % and UDP token holders take 90% of the amount charged . The token liquidity and price growth is stimulated by the token holders ability to receive passive income.


In DeFI industry, it has become the most significant component because it permits all the users to interchange the tokens without trust, that signifies all transactions are done with small contracts without a trusted or intermediary party

Despite the asset value remaining 75% below their 2017 levels, The cryptocurrency industry has revitalized the new trend. It is named DeFi ( Decentralized Finance ). In a decentralized architecture, the crypto entrepreneurs can recreate traditional financial instruments without falling under governments and companies controls.

It doesn’t require courts and intermediaries. Each possible dispute resolution is determined by the code which leads to keep their funds under control. This minimises the price of giving and utilizing products, and permits for a more stable financial system.

Another significant advantage of such an open ecosystem is the ease of access to financial services for people who, for some reason, do not have such an opportunity. The traditional financial system is based on profit, usually not providing services in low-income communities. However, thanks to DeFi, downsizing operating systems are shrinking.

When people don’t have much opportunity, this open ecosystem becomes an important benefit in making the financial access services process. The conventional economic system is based on gain normally not giving services in low-income groups. DeFi has given many benefits, downsizing operating systems is reducing. In the decentralized financial services world, a new paradigm has given the world various successful crypto projects based on Ethereum like Dai, that accounts for two percent of the total circulation, values around $ 339 million, and various things. UnidApp will become a fundamental part of our lives.


The road map of the UniDApp is as follows,

Prototype, idea formation, frontend and market research are developed.

August- September
UDP private token and sale distribution.

Whitepaper Presentation. Business and technical documentation.

The beta version was tested and launched.

The full version of the project is launched and the product is fully introduced to the market.


The tokenomics of the UniDApp is given as follows


The token is distributed as 15 % for the team, 20 % for exchanges, marketing and development, 30 % for 9 mln. UDP- OTC Pre sale and 35% for 10.5 mln. UDP- Uniswap liquidity pool.


Thus the UniDApp makes clear about everything the users needs. Anyone using this app is fully secured because they have their private keys and complete control over transactions and assets. In the DeFi industry it has various benefits for helping users in all possible ways. All we need is to use UniDApp and get benefited.

For more information

Website: https://unidapp.app/
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5273984.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniDApp
Medium: https://medium.com/@unidapp.project
Telegram: https://t.me/unidapp

Written by

K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: @siva1978
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2373654




Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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