In this new digital world, we have a new digital asset which has the potential to transform our world in every sector which is the Cryptocurrency. About a decade ago, the world had witnessed a new word, Bitcoin which is the first Cryptocurrency, created by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which uses strong cryptography for secure financial transactions. Bitcoin is the first digital currency which allows the users to have transactions without any intermediaries. These digital currencies uses the Blockchain technology, a digital record of transactions which is decentralised and forms a peer-to-peer network. This Blockchain technology provides benefits of greater efficiency, speed, transparency and enhanced security. Blockchain technology can be implemented in various industries such as Fashion, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals, Government Sectors, Equity Trading, Energy Generation,etc

Yes, we can also produce the most fundamental thing which we use in our daily life, which is the Energy through Vectorium. Vectorium is the new CryptoEnergy which uses the Blockchain technology to produce energy via Eco-friendly methods.

What is Vectorium?

Vectorium is a unique platform which uses Blockchain technology and AI to produce sustainable energy as well as cryptocurrencies. This Vectorium — a CryptoEnergy project, is designed to produce energy and cryptocurrencies to manage the increase in waste generation in a renewable eco-friendly methods thereby creating a better world and environment around us.
The Vectorium platform introduces two cryptocurrencies which are Vectorium Flash and Vectorium Plus

Vectorium Flash(VCT)
Vectorium Flash(VCT) is a mineable coin which can also be burned into the actual Electrical Energy. The coins can be exchanged into energy coupons or for Vectorium Plus coins. It has a high speed transaction rate of less than 0.12 millisecond. It can be easily mined at home by anyone which is like collecting the electricity in a battery. This coin which is mined can be exchanged in Crypto Exchanges across the world.

Vectorium Plus(VCTP)
Vectorium Plus is the other special asset coin from the Vectorium Project, which can be used to convert your mined coins into Electrical Power. The special element about this Vectorium Plus is that the Vectorium Plus holders can also claim ownership of part of Vectorium Islands and each value of the holders is tied to the Islands. The investors invested in the Vectorium Plus gets a fixed 20% bonus which is paid annually for 4 years depending upon each investor’s capital investment.


The unique feature of this Vectorium project is that, by processing the waste, renewable energy is generated as Electricity which will also mine cryptocurrency alongside. This is specially done by a process called Waste to Coin(WTC) through which coins and electricity is generated and also parallelly producing useful fuel commodities such as synthetic fuels, ethanol and methane.

Generating electricity on our own by using harmful waste and converting the
Cryptocurrency into electricity which can be used and exchanged daily is the key advantage of this Crypto-Energy Project.

Vectorium Islands

Vectorium Islands are unique and smart eco-friendly environment where the wastes are converted into Electricity and Cryptocurrency through a Waste to Coin process, thus creating a special eco-system for a better world with the help of AI and Blockchain technology. One can invest in this project and can own Vectorium Plus through which the investor can become the actual owner of Vectorium Island. The more the holdings of Vectorium Plus, the investors possess, the more the part of the Vectorium Island can be owned by them.The Vectorium project’s team are already in the process of establishing this new age Vectorium Islands in places like the UK, Costa Rica, Turin, Udine. This project Vectorium aims to build and deliver over 300 Consortium Islands by the year 2024 across the World.


The Vectorium Project’s team members have envisioned for the smart and sustainable future considering the present harmful situations across the world such as increase in waste generation, deficiency of electricity, increasing pollution due to the increase in population. The team members first began this magnum opus project as an idea in Sep 2018 and which then kick started at Nov 2018. By Dec 2018, complete analysis of the project and coding has been done. By Jan 2019, Patents and Whitepaper has been prepared.

During Feb 2019, Complete team has been formed, the miner containers & 3D model Vector Islands has been designed. By the month of March 2019, Institutional meetings,Vectorium consortium and Blockchain has been Finalised and in April 2019, Wallet, Web and Miners has been successfully created. Fundraising and Vectorium listing in exchanges has been done in May and July 2019 respectively.

The important upcoming events from the Vectorium project are;
August 2019 — Delivery of First Vectorium Island Project
September 2019 — Vectorium Consortium Set up
December 2019 — First Vectorium Ecosystem
March — First 5 Vectorium Islands Initialised
June 2020 — Capitalization of Vectorium Equities Structure
September 2020 — Completion of First 5 Islands
December 2020 — Completion of First 15 Islands
Year 2022 — Completion of 100 Vectorium Islands
Year 2024 — Completion of 300 Vectorium Islands

Token Details

Vectorium Plus initial coin offering has been done from July 1 2019 to August 11, 2019. Vectorium initially created a total number of coins of 500,000,000. 40% of the total coins has been made available to the purchasers. The value of each Vectorium coin is 1 $/coin. The investors can now buy coins at 0.8$ till October 31 2019. From 31 Oct to 31 Dec 2019, the investors can buy at 10% discount which is 0.9$/coin. The Vectorium project has now successfully reached 1.5 million $ softcap and the project aims to reach the top hard cap of 20 million $ during its public sale till feb 15, 2020. The purchasers can buy tokens/coins at 0.8$/coin presently with their credit cards.

For more details regarding the Vectorium coins and the Vectorium project, please visit the following Vectorium website link —



This Vectorium project is created with a clear intention to make a better, cleaner environment with transparent, secure and faster exchanges of currency as well as energy. By joining and participating with the Vectorium team, we help create a better world by smartly managing the waste generation and converting the waste into sustainable energy and coins. This unique project makes the idea possible that we can have an island where every waste is being used to create a special wealth and also useful commodities which further can be exchanged with the world with complete transparency, security and without any intermediaries. Now that the Vectorium is listed and made live in Exmarket Exchange, investors who are interested can wisely take action by investing in Vectorium 20% discount for each Vectorium coin/token. The purchasers/investors can buy their shares with their Credit cards on the following website.
Vectorium —
Finebox —
Grab your opportunity to participate in this new, unique Vectorium project by investing in this which is already creating a revolution in building a clean and better sustainable world.

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Written by
K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: Rachchi
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Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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