ViCA — A large ERC20 ecosystem and platform


People hadn’t even considered a virtual currency, and when it arrived, the incredible blockchain technology, people couldn’t trust it. However, as it began to grow, it grew at a faster rate than the internet. Now, major corporations and business moguls such as Elon Musk have not only adopted but also actively backed blockchain technologies.

Countries are now adopting cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies as legal tender. Payments in virtual currency have been actively accepted. Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity over the last decade and continues to do so. However, the tendency is because, since the introduction of virtual currencies other than Bitcoin, technology has improved and enhanced.

Virtual assets are attempting to emulate various aspects of the traditional financial model in a variety of ways. In 2014, Ethereum, which claimed to have solved many of Bitcoin’s limitations and problems, appeared, with technologies such as the “Ethereum Virtual Machine” and “Smart Contract” that could be used in the blockchain field. The Ethereum ecosystem’s realisation of projects that seemed improbable at the time, such as the ERC20 token system, ERC721, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and UniSwap, serve as proof of a long-term innovation ecosystem.

We see a lot of currencies on the market because new currencies bring greater features and eliminate redundancy, which was an issue with prior currencies. It’s difficult to determine which has distinct characteristics and is also operational and implementing what has been stated.

So we have found a great cryptocurrency ViCA! Do read this article to know more about ViCA which has slightly different and amazing features with a unique business plan and values.

What is ViCA?

ViCA is a large ERC20 ecosystem and platform. Launched in June 2021, this is a verifiable system. ViCA Token has developed a cutting-edge virtual currency ecosystem. ViCA establishes a verifiable trust system that helps microfinance architectures become more transparent and complete.


Continuous Disclosure Obligations
Sustainable Ecosystem
Clear Circulation Structure
A Predictable Plan


Sharing Business Models
New Standard Finance Model
Perpetual CryptoCurrency
Biggest Platform in the Metaverse

ViCA does not just want to provide advantages; it also wants to fulfil all of its social duties by adding value to them. ViCA aims to raise awareness and provide information to its participants, which they can then apply to earn profits. ViCA’s ultimate goal is to achieve Noflation of knowledge, which allows participants to profit indefinitely.

The value of virtual assets is interpreted by ViCA from the perspective of ‘Noflation.’ By defining the Noflation token from an interpretive perspective and achieving its objective, ViCA hopes to build a model that benefits its members.

ViCA is a ‘finite-state business model’ that is automated. It is built on a virtual asset arbitrage trading methodology that generates profit, grows profit, and expands profit using closed software that has been meticulously planned.

Based on LEAN principles, ViCA has developed an exceptionally efficient ELEAN (Extreme Modular LEAN) business model. LEAN is a terrific business strategy with a lot of benefits. ViCA employs a dispersion and extinction method that is similar to that of nature. The ViCA Foundation has embraced the Tik strategy, which focuses on dispersion to expand the ecosystem, as well as the Tok strategy, which focuses on continuously recovering scattered tokens.

By reinterpreting and integrating various existing innovative business techniques, development methodologies, and the blockchain ecosystem, ViCA hopes to present and show an unprecedented business model.

ViCA proposes to its members a new type of financial system and a new way of reaching corporate goals.


Except for the minimal expense of running this system and reinvesting in seed funds for system operations, ViCA aspires to pursue a sustainable business model by safeguarding the interests of token holders.

It contains the following characteristics that will allow it to implement the specified business model and achieve the desired purpose.

● No lock of all assets
ViCA Token’s price is determined exclusively by the company’s revenue allocation rate and market trust. Because it was never intended to be used for fundraising, the price swings totally according to market forces. Because there is no initial investment and no lock of all assets, there is no cost to protect. You can send a ViCA to someone else right now if you own one.

● Safe & Secure
The system is completely private and not accessible to the public. All monies are managed on the exchange using API-Key, which has been demonstrated to be reliable. The system’s numerous risk elements have been eliminated throughout the design stage.

● No Buy & Sell
The Foundation does not offer a special discount on the ViCA Token that it owns. Discounts that cause market price disruptions are ultimately owed to the platform and go against the VICA platform’s concept. As a result, we establish a verifiable trust system and operate it transparently.

● The dichotomy between business and finance
Participants in the ViCA Token system share the system’s benefits as soon as they begin to possess the token. ViCA has pursued and established the actual shared financial environment.


The ViCA Foundation uses ViBOT, a North Korean arbitrage trading technology, to automate the trade of virtual assets. ViBOT money is used to fund the development of ViCA tools, the ViCA metaverse, ViCA NFTs, and ViCA games, among other aspects of the ecosystem. The remaining funds are reinvested in the ViBOT automated trading system’s assets.

No single coin is distributed during the pre-sale or development stages, such as the ICO and IEO. As a result, the number of tokens available on the market is limited, and it’s getting smaller. The money is set aside as the foundation’s seed, and transaction data is made publicly available in a verifiable manner (Live Streaming Service). ViCA has simplified its complicated investing procedure by utilising the Ethereum ERC20 token ecosystem. This lower cost re-establishes the system’s primary asset, allowing cash to flow more quickly.

ViCA’s business strategy is built on an arbitrage trading mechanism that is both sustainable and semi-permanent. In the market, only a small amount of issued tokens will be distributed.

The revenue from arbitrage trading will be split between seeding compound interest and recovering dispersed tokens. The status of arbitrage trading will be broadcast live on YouTube. Actual exchange transaction records will be notified through communication channels as proof of transaction records. The Foundation will employ a symbiotic strategy to earn revenue from the increased foundation operating money as well as the regained token value.


Burning (1,800,000,000 ViCAs)

Reserved holdings for ViCA’s marketing, development and operation (100,000,000 ViCAs)

Providing liquidity to the market (64,000,000 ViCAs)

Initial Investor Distribution Quantity (36,000,000 ViCAs)


October 2019
Planned the project.

February 2021
Established the ViCA Token Roadmap

April 2021
Validated the ViCA platform.
ViBot Beta Testing Has Begun

May 2021
ViCA Token issued
Services Launched

June 2021
ViBot’s operating capital has exceeded 1,000 ETH

July 2021
ViCA Token Launching

August 2021
Uniswap Trading Started

December 2021
Resuming arbitrage trading status real time YouTube transmission
Preparation for listing on centralised exchanges

March — April 2022
ViCA payment module ( ERC — 20 based )
Development of NFTs, Gaming and vending machine linkage prototype release

August 2023
Extend the ViCA platform
(Biggest game in metaverse, millions of 3D models, virtual currency, banking & payment applicable to regulations)

ViCA Finance & Investment applicable to regulations

Development of a comprehensive Ecosystem leading the world in metaverse applications and supporting the development of crypto.


DongKoo Lee

Taeksang Kim

Taekyong Kim

Seongjin Choi

Captain Kim

Hong Kim

Kang Seok Lee

Ahmad Hassan
Strategic Marketing Director

DaeSic Min
Special Strategic Planner

Ali Raza Joyia
Blockchain Strategy Specialist

Elif Aydogan
Social Media Manager

Bella N
Special Strategic Planner


ViCA’s business model and strategy are both unique and remarkable. In terms of the metaverse, the initiative is looking ahead. After Facebook changed its name to meta, the value of metaverse tokens skyrocketed. Other firms and huge brands are moving to metaverse as well, not only Facebook.

As a result, ViCA’s goal of new contributions and progress in the metaverse might be a fantastic thing. ViCA Ecosystem has a variety of applications, including ViBOT, ViCA vending machines, ViCA NFTs, ViCA Metaverse, and ViCA games. ViCA aspires to serve practically every aspect of the crypto industry. Then it will reinvest among these components, resulting in the overall growth of the ViCA ecosystem. ViCA is dedicated to delivering fresh metaverse contributions in the crypto industry.

The ViCA ecosystem is poised to explode and shake up the cryptocurrency business, and I believe it will create a name for itself in the next years. And if you’re an investor, you’re probably aware that the best gains come from early entry. So you can get a head start with ViCA!

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K. Siva Arulmani
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Working in film industry as a director

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Shiva Arulmani

Shiva Arulmani

Working in film industry as a director

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